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Afternoon folks!!

Just read my post from earlier today and read this below article that cam out MINUTES about New York City and Hong Kong Retail space.

  • Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay, rent $2,630 a square foot per year

  • Fifth Avenue, $2,500 a square foot per year

  • Times Square, $2,100

  • Hong Kong, Central $1,856

  • Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, $1,547

  • Paris, Avenue de Champs-Elysees, $1,129

  • New York, East 57th Street, $1,100

  • New York, Madison Avenue, $1,100

  • Tokyo, Ginza $1,057

  • Tokyo, Omotesando, $972


.Com is underpriced in every measurable way. Would a company give up their store on 5h Ave or the .com first? The mere fact that it is a debatbale issue proves how far we have come and how far is left to go and how much is still on the table.

Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on “Rick’s Crystal Ball.

  1. Uzoma

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  2. They would keep the dotcom

    I don’t think there is a well-known business in the world that would give up it’s dotcom. Any and all businesses would rather keep their dotcom than their presence on 5th avenue.
    You made a good point. Imagine what it would take to buy the dotcom from a known name? Something that could be used for multiple purposes, and are generic in nature like Apple.com, Amazon.com Cars.com, Hotels.com (as opposed to Google.com).
    There is just no price that could make Amazon.com give up their name to someone else and start using Amazon.net. No price at all. Not even billions of dollars.
    Domain investors are some of the dumbest people on the planet. They have the golden road right in front of them, but 95 out of 100 of them are the world’s worst human beings, and even worse investors in domain names. It is similar to what you see in the stock market. Everyone knows, or should know, how Warren Buffett values a business. the information is out there, yet 95 out of 100 people in the market think they have a better way, and they will day trade, speculate in garbage, and do very similar things that most idiot domainers do. It is fascinating.
    We should keep a tally on domainer bankruptcies and suicides. My estimate is that there have been 8 suicides and 64 bankruptcies, and that is just from Dn Forum alone.
    You never see a value investor like Buffett kill himself or file for Bankruptcy. But you see overleveraged gamblers and day traders do it all of the time. You don’t see people with great domain names killing themselves.
    P.S. Uzoma, your names, and ideas, SUCK.

  3. craig

    I once commented to a”10″ who was (briefly) favoring me”you must get hit on constantly” her answer……..”not really”

  4. Josh

    @Uzoma: THERMOMEETER.COM. C’mon really, with pigeons flying overhead? Even after reading that about the yellow page category headings…seriously?

  5. Greg

    What is Fifth Avenue? People around the world know .com but Fifth Avenue only rings a”I’ve heard that term somewhere before”


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