Heinz Introduces GREEN Ketchup. Outsells Red 2-1 Within One Week!

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The most surprising thing about people is how gullible we/they are. Fish you expect to bite on the bait and be dumb. But people have brains but don't question things. They swallow facts whether true or not. Here is my tiny little example.

There is one small invention over the last few years that has the potential to save more  energy and moneythermo than solar and wind combined. It may have already done it. Such a simple device. I got my first one in about 2007. Cost about $75. But if WE are programmed, then we miss the program.

In my example, programmable thermostats can save more money in 3 years than all the solar panels in the world in the last 30 years. Now I just made this up. It is what I call an assumption. A fact yet to be discovered. But I will believe what I just made up because to me it is simple. And of course, that is before I even get into the costs and politics.

So opportunity means you look at things in a different light and don't swallow things without questioning it. My point here is 100% valid. My example may also be 100% valid. The losers are the ones that can't even open their minds long enough to consider my assumption. They are so controlled and programmed that they lose their ability to break away from a habit.

It's simple and the little things. You put your socks on the same foot first probably every morning. Shock yourself by putting the other sock on first. Force yourself to look and see things differently.

That my friends is where opportunity resides. And as far as the Green Ketchup from Heinz, I made that up. Happy June Fools!  Or at least I thought I did until I googled it looking for an image and found Heinz actually did this. One of the great FLOPS of all time!


Now it is time to re-bait my hook for another post!

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

4 thoughts on “Heinz Introduces GREEN Ketchup. Outsells Red 2-1 Within One Week!

  1. UFO

    The same applies in business. Making money isn’t about selling lots or keeping massive pressure on costs. Its actually about achieving a margin for a given level of volume. If you look too closely at costs or too closely at revenues then you can miss the bigger picture.

    I’ve always said that if you go into a company and see that they have locked away the stationary then you know they have missed the point.

    Anyway, this is all analogous to the thermostat example. In this case using less by being efficient is an easier win for little cost relative to getting more energy for a large cost.

    The government should be showing the effective payback to householders of investing in insulation relative to using solar power. Solar power should come after all the insulation gains have been realised.

  2. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Programmable thermostats really save money, when programmed correctly. Now there are wifi programmable thermostats which are great, and can be accessed via internet. Remember though, that if you do not do a good job when programming it, (or don’t program it at all) then in can become a liability, and end up costing you more!!

    The green Ketchup is made with green tomatoes, right?? HA HA HA!!
    Whose Idea was it, Teresa Heinz Kerry, Or John Kerry’s?

    By the way, I do know and enjoy a mexican hot sauce which is green… green, green, green and HOT HOT HOT!!!! if you like hot sauce, ask me and I will give you the name. (Its an Habanero pepper sauce)…


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