If you Poo Pooed the iPhone, What Else did you get Wrong??

Morning Folks!!

To get the future right you MUST calibrate the past. You must go back and see what you got right and what you got wrong. It's not always the easiest thing especially when you focus on what we each did wrong or got wrong. 6 years ago this month and several times thereafter I made some very bold statements. Let's see how I did. I may not be right, but I am always "Certain". ;-)


But yesterday I read Eric Borgos's post about his iPhone and how it changed his life. Eric's Life Changed 6 Years Ago and Didn't Even Know it Until Now!

I spent a lot of time writing about the iPhone back in June 2007 and later  this in 2009. By 2010 I had the 4th iPhone. Then the iPad that I wrote about Here and Here.. I was told about all the new smartphones that were coming and they were right but it did not matter because the iPhone was just SO much better. And it still is. I grabbed a Galaxy S4 a few weeks ago. Not bad. But not great. Much better than Blackberry's but no match for the iPhone. Don't take my word. just read how it transformed Eric's life and it has transformed mine as well.

I would go out on a limb to say that the iPhone is the smallest most powerful device ever invented. And it's big brother the iPad has transformed almost every business I see. From restaurants to hospitals to schools. To underestimate these devices by anyone is a huge mistake. And btw, make sure you read the comments on those past posts. That will also tell you now only who gets things right, but who gets things wrong as well.

Also, list your favorite apps. Eric gave a great tip yesterday. "My iPhone was not just a cool device for me to use, but a replacement for my entire office. I could do things like scan documents (by taking a photo), sign contracts (using the Hellosign.com app), send faxes (using Hellofax.com)"

I grabbed the app and it is GREAT!!

What are your top apps? Are you up to sharing. I have several hundred. Florida Restaurant Inspections is a great one too. Before you go into a restaurant it tells you the violations the health dept. slapped on them and how many. GREAT app!. I also use "Nexia" to control all my thermostats remotely for my properties. Here is my App Post.

There are many things I prefer doing on my PC. I mean my Mac. I switched to Apple for everything within a year of getting the iphone. I can't go back and I get sick to my stomach when I am forced to. Which by the way, is never. Only when I TEST. Yes, I speak from experience . I still have a PC and I got the Microsoft tablet. LOL!! I mean really? I fire it up for about 15 minutes every other month and just shake my head.

The iPhone is my office in the pocket. I can do anything, anywhere and do it FAST!  It is the single most used item I own and the one time it broke cuz I dropped it, I needed detox within 20 minutes. Here is my post about iphone turning 5 years old. In 2009 I stated the Blackberry was dead and it is still dying.

So while Eric went out of his way to tell you not to run out and buy an iphone I am telling you since 2007  that it is in your best interest to at least own one! Like Eric I used the iphone as a back up phone to start. By  the end of the first week I was hooked like a junkie!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


9 thoughts on “If you Poo Pooed the iPhone, What Else did you get Wrong??

  1. poor uncle

    Yup I love my iPhone and iPad too. I only wish that my iSeries, or Power i, or best known as AS/400 server were equally popular.

  2. BullS

    I love my MAC 512K computers, own 3 of them and still fires up so fast and runs so smooth. Best of all, bought Apple shares when she was $21—All Made in USA.

  3. Tony Lam

    iPhone is a great device but it’s no longer the greatest.

    I switched from the iPhone 5 to the Note 2 last Fall. App-wise, there is very little difference any more between Apple and Android. But the real difference for me was 60% more screen area, double the RAM, double the CPU cores with the Note 2 over the iPhone 5. WIth the larger screen, I barely used my iPad any more and sold it. The Note 2 hooked up to Samsung’s SmartDock can be used as a full PC with a wireless mouse and keyboard. It was the major reason I decided to upgrade my PC in 2012 as well since my smartphone was actually more powerful than my desktop and I couldn’t let that slide

    Eric Borgos says he uses the iPhone to sign and fax documents. Well, with the Note 2, I use the S-Pen to sign instead of my fingertip. What Eric feels about the iPhone is how I feel about the Note 2. I’m looking forward to the 6″ Note 3 this Fall. Rick, being the experimenter that you are, I suggest you give it a one week test drive. I would venture it will be very difficult to go back to a small screen and inferior hardware.

    This was not meant as an iPhone vs Note debate. Just paying my homage to the best electronic device in existence.

  4. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,

    There will be two optimal investment areas for the next ten years. A lot of the growth in these two areas will be in part due to the Technology advances due to the Digital Technology age we are experiencing.

    A KEY point many will miss is the fact that Intellectual Properties and Capital Market Structures will be the Asset leaders, that will be powering the new secular Bull Market we are now in.

    (.COM Profit Centers) are the only Asset known that are both Intellectual Properties and at the same time manifest into Capital Market Structures.JAS/6/18/13

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  5. UFO

    Just bought a domain (RetailBonds()com) in the secondary market, believe its NA Media (Shilling) for just under 1k. Easy worth 100k as the market is ramping up in this space with large corporates now borrowing direct off retail savers. CPC at 7.43 is nice as well. There’s plenty of action coming down the pipeline as we move into growth.

    Just shows, there’s plenty of value still sitting on the table.

  6. Newgrl

    My Ipad is the BEST thing I have ever had! Nothing I own comes close to it.
    I bought one for everyone in my family so they would keep their grubby hands off mine. Just for the Movie Streaming alone and the longevity of the battery is enough to love. I must say my favorite app is Scrabble, I am hooked..I also sleep with my ipad..I don’t remember life before it..

  7. Lynn

    Just out of curiosity, have you ever done business (domain name transactions) with Apple?


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