My Fastest Growing Domain Name. 10,000 Daily Type-ins and Growing.

Morning Folks!!

Every once in a while I download all my stats and look at a detailed view and study them. I did not have to study long as I got to the very last name on the list of domains in that specific portfolio and got struck in the eye? A domain which several years back was getting 750-1000 daily uniques is now getting more than 10x that. Or should I say 10xxx that?

I should also say thanks to ICM Registry and .XXX since they are one of the reasons my traffic and earnings have increased 10 fold.  Just LOVE CONFUSION!!!  So that is why I NEVER see the gTLD's as a threat. I see it as an OPPORTUNITY!!!! And why wouldn't I? I have PROOF, DATA, STATS and EARNINGS!

Human nature and human behavior is easier to predict than the stock market or the ponies. I have been seeing it for a very long time on a multitude of things in many industries because they are all the same. Every pond has their big fish and water.

Now let me take it one step further. I can ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that the owner of does not get 1/6000 the traffic than the gets. But of course that is because I am drafting off .xxx as an entire TLD and not the .xxx domain itself. That my friends is important information and $$Valuable$$ information with the coming gTLD's. Lots of $$$ to be made, but not in the way many think. And if my does 10,000 a day I can guess that is likely much much more.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

12 thoughts on “My Fastest Growing Domain Name. 10,000 Daily Type-ins and Growing.

  1. Rahul Chaudhary

    Curious to know

    1. How much money this domain is making in parking revenue with these many type-ins?

    2. Which parking platform are you using for it?

  2. Rick Schwartz o .xxx doménách

    […] Rick Schwartz je jeden z největších světových domainer, který se jim věnuje už od roku 1995. Před chvílí napsal velmi hezký článek My Fastest Growing Domain Name. 10,000 Daily Type-ins and Growing. […]

  3. Josh

    Frank should file a complaint with the the state bar association of the Complaintant’s attorney:

    “By failing to state these facts, the Complaint makes express and implied assertions that are false. These false assertions might have misled the Panel had not the Respondent provided the evidence, readily available to the Complainant, that refutes these assertions.”

  4. BullS

    Yea, the domain is,,, and ricksblog dot whatever.

  5. shuwix

    That’s why .COM is the king, if you have .com’s, no matter what comes up, you will only benefit.
    And that’ why generic .com domains are killer domains. Developed web on any other same name TLD will bring you huge amount of traffic, also with 1name.TLD, name1.TLD, thename.TLD, bestname, greatname, coolname …

  6. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,

    Google will repeatedly at the front of the stage, tell businesses that they do not show a preference to the .COM Channel. When in reality their preference points favor sites whose actual Online revenues are in the highest tranches.

    The highest revenue Tranches are held by .COM sites. The higher Ad revenue sites go up the tranches and the lower go down. So if you want preference tranche ratings, you need to have .COM to the right of the Dot.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  7. UFO

    Over time .xxx will become more embedded into the knowledge of internet users. Hence .xxx will grow in value. What you are seeing is a wash from others advertising and efforts, does that make your particular domain more valuable? Yes, but on the whole the market for eyeballs looking for xxx information is being spread over a wider domain space so less useful .com’s will diminish in value and second tier .xxx’s will never get off the ground.

  8. UFO

    Nb: In effect keywords are increasing in value and the extension (.com) is slowly being nibbled away. Search engines have also being diminishing the value of .com through focusing on content and keyword relevance.

    Most people on the net gain new traffic via the search engines so focusing on relevance and keywords should be no1 priority.


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