Entering a New Era on the Internet and Beyond.

Afternoon Folks!!

I started saying the recession was over with this post on June 9th. And I have written about it since with this one and this one and finally recapped my thoughts here. The CRASH of 2008 is over. Now time to get on with it!!

Now again this does not mean the PAIN is gone nor is it over. What is does mean is I see a DISTINCT parallel with post bubble crash. However this parallel is MUCH bigger and much stronger than the counterpart of 2003-2004. But like a MIRROR I see many similarities between the two decades.

We are now entering a post crash ERA. We are truly in the gravitational pull of that 20 year plan I have talked of for 18 years. It is just the "Gestation period" anything this big of a change takes. Not that visionary. Just a keen understanding of how long it takes something to mature and bear the most fruit.

It is amazing how waves happen and how they are predictable and how YOU should make a FORTUNE in what is to come. What we KNOW and what we have LEARNED is just now emerging to the vast majority. It comes in the form of stories like this that Mike Berkens reported on from the Huffington Post showing the world of type in traffic and just how MASSIVE it is.

At this exact time in 2008 things were spinning out of control. Today they are IN CONTROL and that is making the difference even tho watching it is like watching sausage being made. We are in for a BULL RUN the likes of which we have never seen.

Not everyone thrives nor survives in a Bull Run as many get trampled because they never saw it coming. So consolidation is the result and that makes companies bigger and stronger and that just feeds the beast.

Things don't happen overnight. But then again they do. In general this is a process that will take 2 years to build up a head of steam. You are witnessing a surge right now and it will be followed by a mightier surge and a rising tide. It is visible and it is obvious.

Given that, it is up to each of us to take advantage and make HAY when the sun shines. When you do that, you don't have to sweat good and bad times because you are riding the wave instead of being overcome by it.

Yes, it is true that many are struggling and may continue to struggle. But don't accept that things are not improving. They are and soon it will be dramatically evident. By then you will have lost precious time. This is the time to lean forward. There are big deals being done. Business is moving again. Decisions are being made and most importantly there is more understanding.

There are plenty of challenges to come but now we can overcome them because the recession is over and the companies have adapted to a new way of doing business. Therefore a windfall of activity is already in process. Grab your share!

Rick Schwartz