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Sometimes old things just work better than the new fangled counterpart. If you don't know the difference.......This will help you. 38 seconds to a very good LOL.


Rick Schwartz

Domain Industry FIRE SALE!!?? What Happened to Domaining and Investing?

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As I look around I think it is kind of sad that the domain industry itself has moved from an investment and development outlook to one that squarely focuses on selling. In many cases there are fire sales going on. Desperation has set in. You could see it coming 5 years away, but it is set in now. When your expenses are more than your income and the nest egg is gone or even low, then sell, sell, sell. Fast, fast, fast.

Just as I see the turnaround there are many that are stretched thin and making it to the other side is questionable. Believe me, I know what it is to have bills piled up and no dollars to pay. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt and learned what it was all about. So when I saw this one coming I prepared. I know it is still not over but the good times are in sight. Not years away. WEEKS away. Months away. Here. Now.

So folks can laugh at my 20 year plan. But think, just 10 years ago how much was different. In those days Microsoft and Intel led the way and set the pace. Well today those are not the first companies I think about when you think of forward leaning companies. I think of companies not even here 10 years ago or companies like Apple that were in trouble.  Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and a dozen others. Look at all the new companies in the past 10 years.

So  by the time the 2016 elections come, I will have made it to the 20 year mark and at that time you will see an entirely different looking Domain Industry. One that is aggressive again. Domains are like gold. When gold is going down, people sell. But there are also people there to BUY. The only difference is their horizon and time frame may be different from yours. Circumstance is key.

I see domaining as 2 piles. One filled with gold and one filled with tin. It takes no more effort and no more dollars to choose the gold. I say that because I often see worthless domains selling for the same or more than a domain with obvious value. To me it is just the clueless selling to each other and one gets stuck holding the bag. Tulips, that is all they are. Tulips.

The domain industry reminds me of the commercial a few years back where a guy buys a piece of art for like $50,000 at a live auction and the moment he buys it he tries to have it re-auctioned to the same audience. DUH! Sounds like many domainers.

Point is desperation is selling into a soft market making it softer. But it has little to do with domains and more to do with the financial condition of the domainer. The fear of the domainer. The uncertainty of the domainer. The uncertainly of the quality of the domains. Portfolios that are almost all getting smaller as domainers prune domains without value from their collections.

Ever been in a blizzard? How about a hurricane? The worst part of the storm usually hits just before the storm is over. It is when it is most intense. But that intensity is limited in time. Once it passes, it is over. Done with! Conditions change and improve incredibly fast.

20 years? Think of it as 20,000 feet. Imagine my view at 20,000 feet to see an overall picture compared to those at ground level. I can see and spot things that are  impossible for those on the ground to see. I see mountains and valleys and seas and deserts. I see a timeline for each. I see trails and dead ends and all the rest. So I chose to have this view. But I also have the ability to put myself on the ground and see and understand the mood and what is going on.

So while others are sometimes ready to throw in the towel, I am here to tell you that the first 20 years are spring training. These years are merely the building blocks to the future. Shifting from one era to another. Industrial to Technological to Informational and whatever is next or is already in motion and maybe already here.

It's never too late to start over ARMED with new knowledge. Imagine just starting over today. Make one great buy today. Oh yes, I know you are focused on selling, but if you started over today, you would have to start with buying. Even if it is buying time. Having an option on a domain. There are so many creative ways to do things with or without dollars. That is why I always say the first purchase is your most important. Do that for 365 days, start over each of those 365 days and I bet you change your destiny.

If you had dirty undrinkable water would you keep that or look to dump it and replace with clean fresh water that is drinkable? Sorry, you can't sell that dirty water. It is either worthless or is very low value water. It can easily be replaced. Don't worry about selling it. Dump it! Why waste your time and energy? Just dump it and focus on refilling with fresh water. You will die of thirst holding on to that worthless dirty water. Dump it out and start again.

Let's be clear. There is an INFINITE amount of worthless domain names. Infinite! On any extension. Infinite! However investment quality domains are limited. Huge, but limited. Many domainers have the worthless domain market cornered and they are going broke.

If your domains are solid, overreacting is your single biggest enemy. Hence, what goes on for the first 20 years is the BIG YAWN! Don't take it too seriously. Don't react because tin horns are feeling the pain of the reality they are now facing and the decisions THEY are forced to make. Worthless has a COST!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz