Hello Weekend Domain Warriors!! Here is a Starting Point.

Morning Folks!!

I know there are many domainers that are only around on weekends. Each week they do what they can to unleash themselves from their day jobs. That is not easy to accomplish and can take years. But it can be done and is being done.

I get emails almost every day from folks looking for direction. They are confused and not sure which way to head. Most have domains but they only buy to sell and that does not always work. The one piece of advice I always give and is the most scoffed at is getting domains with some type in traffic. So if you start wrong, where do you think you will end?

Type ins are the validation of value regardless of opinion. Opinion comes and the value when we discuss what the target is. No target? May not have value.

Does a domain have to get type ins? No!!

But you are looking to quit your day job and this way is tried and true and few fail when they get on the train.

As the baby king was born last week we also saw a hand registered domain get 7500 type ins a day. Will it last? No! But that is why you MAKE HAY WHEN THE SUN SHINES!!!! If you can't get your head around that, stop reading and find a new line of work.

So with 7500 a day parked, that domain can be making between $75 and $750 a day once optimized. The value comes from the advertisers looking to capture people looking for whatever the domain represents. And the baby domain is a poor example because it is social as opposed to commercial. Not that bad, but different. Depends on the habits of people searching for something specific and how much value a SALE could have to an advertiser. If there was NO SALE, there would be NO VALUE! Got that??? (read all my posts about sales)


In this case they will die off substantially. But there will be some residue.

Let me repeat......


Now I have been saying this for 15 years and folks just argue with me. DUH!


So if you want success with domains, you can jump on every fad and spin your wheels or you can be very aware and attentive and deliberate and SNAG something of great value. Like a lion going after prey. But you have to be patient because as I have also stated repeatedly, your FIRST domain buy is your most important. Get that one RIGHT. If you have none that are good, start over!! Get the first one RIGHT and you will never look back.

I have the luxury of gambling because my "Engine" pays forward all of that. You don't have that luxury yet. Just get the first one right and repeat it until you quit your day job and then keep repeating with bigger and better domains. THAT is the path for those that actually want to succeed.



And if you don't want to do it that way, then just buy one that already gets some traffic. How much traffic? At least 2-3 visitors or more a day. Not a huge hill to climb. Most domains of value will exceed that. Pigeon shit always gets zero and when it does get traffic it is a bot or something that does not count or inflated by the seller.

Again, this is a tried and true path that works to this very day. Whether you are flipping or investing type ins are STILL and ALWAYS have been the key to GUARANTEED value. Many won't agree. Mostly because they have agendas. Not a bad thing, but if you don't understand that a registrar could give a rats ass about a domains value then you are in the wrong business and listening to the wrong people. Their job is to sell domains. Any domains. Any extension. They make the same amount of money if we are talking a $10 million name or a $10 name. So choose well who you listen to and what their motives are.

I even have a motive. If you do well you may come to TRAFFIC. That's paying it forward. I believe that just like there are TYPE IN DOMAINS ARE BORN EACH AND EVERY DAY, I believe there are folks out there that are just like you. Weekend domain warriors that want to be weekday warriors as well.

And if a domain has no type in traffic, then it should be specific, commercial, and preferably only 2 easy to spell words.

You should also know which domains have face value. Any NNN.com has value. (3 numbers. like 123.com) There is a market. You can invest safer in a market of domains IF you know value. So if somebody had 921.com for sale for $5000. GRAB IT!! It has a much higher value. But you must KNOW these things and so to do that you must learn. How? Well it won't happen until you read a few hundred blog posts from 6 different bloggers that know their stuff.

Don't have the time?

Just remember one thing:

When you leave New York and set sail for London and you end up on the shores of Africa…..your problem did not occur when you landed in Africa, it happened before you even set sail for New York.

Point is……99.9% of ALL failures are due to a bad or quick decision in the beginning or the planning stage. So the likelihood of any success can easily be determined before you even begin. Usually a SIMPLE change can also change your entire future fortunes.

If you walk east looking for the sunset you will likely become disappointed, angry and frustrated. Their frustration boils over and folks lash out at the world. Especially anyone telling them they are wrong. Just a 180 degree shift on one thing can change your destiny. But before you do that you MUST STOP. Stop in your tracks. If you don’t start at a STOP, you lose before you begin.


Rick Schwartz