It’s all About Balance.

Morning Folks!

It's all about balance. There is an accelerator pedal in your car. No balance and CRASH!  Same with business and even personal things. Unfortunately we live in a world filled with extremes. All in or all out.

An airplane with one wing can do what? It can only go in circles and only in one direction for that circle. Without the balance of the second wing, it has NO VALUE! It does not work as intended. It does not get you anywhere.

Same with a jury. You weigh or balance the evidence and come to a conclusion. If you were not able to do that, then it would be impossible to ever come to a conclusion. Especially one based on evidence and facts.

Tight rope walker....balance.

Businessman has to balance his books. Balance his expenditures between product and advertising.

So balance requires other options.

You balance how much you eat with how much you weigh. You balance your meals with different food groups.

You walk after you learn to balance yourself as a toddler.

Subject matter of this blog is all about balance.

TV programming is about balance.

Your websites are about balance because you have to attract so many different types of people.

The wheels on your car are balanced or you would ride down the road looking like a bobblehead!

Your chair, your desk, your floors.

And there must be balance of the mind.

So maybe you never stopped to think about balance. Well today is the day that changed!

Have a BALANCED Day!

Rick Schwartz



Is it Time to Update Rick’s Pic? What Say You? 2003 vs 2013

Morning Folks!!

So my wife is looking over my shoulder yesterday morning and says maybe it is time to update my 10-year-old blog photo. lol


ok, why not. I guess you can see what 10 years in front of this screen and the domaining industry has done. lol

The before, the after. Oh the pain!

So do I switch? Or has the other picture been "Branded"?

What say you?


2003 vs 2013

Rick Schwartz