Bloomberg: Risk of Foreign Domains. Describes Vulnerability of Extensions other than .Com and .Net

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An entire registry went down this week and Google Palestine was hacked. We saw first hand ujst how fragile some of the DNS infrastructure is and if you have a gTLD, this WILL directly affect you and your futures.

"Widely used domains such as .com and .net are operated by registrars such as VeriSign and NeuStar, which have security features that cost as little as $50 a year to prevent tampering with Web-address records. But many regional domains are managed by local companies that don't offer the same protections, said Paco Hope, a principal consultant with Cigital Inc., a cybersecurity consultancy.

In some places, only one company may be in charge of managing a country's domain, leaving customers such as Google vulnerable should employees at the local company get hacked, Hope said."

The entire article is here. And my story last week is here.

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