Less than Genuine Deals in the Domain Industry, Propaganda, and Bloggers Role in it

Morning Folks!!

What I will describe is nothing new. Been with us since the first shill bid at an auction. But what you are about to see will make even shills turn red. Company wide shills. Fakers.

We all do our best to get a running start when starting a new business. But when does a running start touch fraud? Or at the least misleading folks into believing something is more successful than it really is? In the domain industry seems way too often. And with what is coming, they may all do it to SURVIVE.

So these are prearranged deals with "Friends" and "Associates" and others that are FAKE. That are NOT an arm's length deal. That are simply to put out there to FOOL you. I guess it is not up to me to point out each case. Why should I take the risk? But I will do this so that you will be on alert. Some are going to be desperate and they will have to resort to fake sales to even stay in business.

They will feed bloggers the headlines and they will repeat, repeat, repeat. So the bloggers do THEIR dirty work. Hook, line and sinker.

Which brings me to one of my favorite quotes from Mark Twain. "A lie is halfway round the world before the truth has got its boots on."

So lies spread fast while the truth sometimes has to be searched for. And they use domain bloggers to spread their lies.

Does the blogger have any responsibility in this? Interesting question and there will be interesting answers. I know they just want to "Play nice". But where exactly is the line?

Don't be a victim. At this stage most of you should be sophisticated enough to spot this crap. They play on your emotions and fears and dreams. Just be on the look out and separate the genuine from the fake. How do you know. Don't believe 99.99% of the BS you hear. Maybe a couple will be caught red-handed and will discourage others.

I am a numbers guy. I can spot BS numbers a mile away. The propaganda whores are going to be at full strength within the year. Fake deals, fake headlines, fake success and using unwitting bloggers and others looking for new content to drive the getaway car.

Rick Schwartz