How Valuable is the 800 Number and the EXACT Domain Name Match Together?

Morning Folks!!

How important is it to have your 800 number match your web address??

Marriott has 1-800-Marriott and

Many if not most of the hotel chains are matched. has 1-800-GOLD-LINE and www.GOLDLINE.COM

Many of the Fortune 500 that lend to a match has some match.

I think marketing wise it is the top of the pyramid. No Runs, No leaks, No errors.

I only have I think 2 domains that I have the corresponding 800 number. So not easy to accomplish.

What say you?

Rick Schwartz

My Changing Work Habits. At my Desk and still Mobile

Morning Folks!!

I love cutting edge devices. Cutting edge devices that are easy to use. I started thinking about the tools that have come over the past 5 years or so and without doubt one stands as the coolest, most important and most powerful device ever. So powerful that it has changed the way I work.

I have written about this device on many occasions. It did not just change me, it changed the world.

It has changed my life so much that as I sit here at my desk pecking away at the keyboard, I am surrounded by 2 iPads and a mini iPad. But even those GREAT devices are not what I speak of. I seldom use either one. I love them. Can't imagine being without them, but only use on very specific occasions.

What device do I use? Well when I am sitting right at my desk I use that as much as my Macbook. Yep, the ole iPhone is what I am talking about and it has changed the way I work. Some apps offer me a quicker way to access info I need during the day. It's truly the one device I can't live without. I have a Galaxy S4 and it is ok. But still not on the same level as the iPhone. Sorry. It's a great device. Superior to the Blackberry that appears to be terminal at this stage. But no match for iPhone. The s4 is sluggish in comparison and a bit archaic.

The Blackberry got handed a death sentence the day the iphone arrived. It was obvious. I could do more tasks with an iPhone at a red light than I could with a blackberry in an hour and I would not get it all done with the blackberry. I am sure you love your blackberry. It was great at one time. It was THE device at one time. But that time is over. There latest entry kinda seals the deal.

I still need my laptop. But I spend more and more time iphone based and that is when I am sitting right at my desk. And when I walk away from my desk, the iphone is everything in my hand. Truly the most revolutionary device for day to day life and looking forward to any new improvements or power they may be packing into the next generation.

It's a long way from my 12LB Radio shack cell phone with a 45 minute battery or even Motorola "Brick" with abut 2.5 hours. Then the Startac and I even forgot what came out next. But I have it still. I have almost every single one of them because I collect them. Remember Primeco before it morphed into Verizon? I estimate I have some 75-100 phones. Each made me more productive that the previous one. I remember when the Motorola Startac came out and they said I could get my email on the phone. I did not even believe it. They showed me, changed my life.

Point is I have had cell phones since the early 80's when they became available and have enjoyed the evolution. How much better can it get?

Rick Schwartz