HallofShame.com to Add “Deadbeat Domainer Section”

Aftrenoon Folks!!

I have been getting more and more calls for me to expand HallofShame.com to include domainers that either put domains in an auction and do not honor the sale, bids at auction and do not fulfil their obligation and those that hire brokers to sell their domains and then refuse to pay them when they disregard their contracts that they entered into.

It is long overdue but I don't want to be the one that is judge and jury.

What I would like to do is have a 3 member panel of respected folks in the industry decide. So what say you? I can't and won't do it without industry support. On the other hand, not sure how the industry could not support outing those that are not to be trusted. Forget about contracts, your word should mean something. If it doesn't, I sure want to know before I fall victim. How about you?

There is an outcry for this and I can provide the platform. But just like hall of shame does not decide WIPO cases, we just KEEP SCORE.

That is why I think a 3 member panel would work best. We can have more than 3 in the rotation just like WIPO. But each decision could be made by a panel of 3.


Rick Schwartz

27 thoughts on “HallofShame.com to Add “Deadbeat Domainer Section”

  1. Pitbull

    Great idea… I would allow the domainer accused to appeal or be heard but outside of that within our tight knit community we should hold each other accountable and sound alarm when frauds enter. The better we do it, as a community, the less supervision we need from some outside source. Again, I support this 100%, you(we) would just have to fine tune panel members, how to appeal, if you can get your name off the list by apologizing and fixing, etc…

  2. Andrew Rosener

    100% in support. Our industry is plagued by people who this this is a game and not a real business. Not only is a real business where more than 1,000 individuals earn their full time living from, but it’s a multi-billion dollar industry that will never be taken seriously if we don’t confront the problem of scammers, fraudsters, spammers & those who simply can not be trusted.

    On a regular basis we receive non paying buyers on our auction platform as well as our newsletter. It’s not just us it’s all platforms in the industry. Roughly 50% of our “sales” on SEDO never get paid recently. Even more on GoDaddy.

    Public embarrassment is a tried and true method of “shedding light on the cockroaches” as Rick says.

  3. Robbie

    Awesome idea, I just had a guy offer $10K on a domain, then go radio silent, owns a whole bunch of businesses in Chicago, wrote it up, and everything, what a waste of 2 weeks.

  4. Offshore Brokers

    Don’t forget about dirty domain brokers! Let’s not pretend they are all angels.

    Some of these guys are as bad or worse than the domain investors.

    That’s also why many who are located offshore screw anyone they wish with no repercussions and then laugh at the helpless domain owners that have been stolen from.

  5. Robbie

    @Offshore Brokers

    Can you provide more evidence, or an example of such actions if you so please, just so everyone can get a better understanding of what you are describing…

  6. Joao Mesquita

    I would prefer to see a topic for people who steal domains from accounts. I have seen it on dnf.com and usually Acro comes forward with hard questions. I don’t know which tools he uses, but it works. Also, a post about detection and prevention sounds good to me. That would be a better priority imo.

  7. Me

    Just report the facts as a public database and so long as the person that provides the information is prepared to stand behind it then put it on the register.

    Then whoever wants to access and use the information can.

    One thing though, you have to be careful and correct, because credit agencies and employers etc can see all this sort of thing in searches on people.

  8. Andrea Paladini

    Totally agree with you, I think you could also include shill bidding cases, both at auctions and at drop-catchers, cause such manipulations can’t be tolerated.

  9. Steve

    Such a task would be a full time job imo. who will pay then panelist saleries? I think it would take up too much of their time to do it for free. Sure its a good idea, but seriously folks, who here will be dedicated enough in the long term to take time out of their busy day to investigate and judge such instances. Too many people doing it nowadays that item would take time to investigate and then recieve feed back from them as to the reason why. There are varying factors that have to be taken into consideration before the perpitrator’s name is forever enscribed in the forbidden list of doom; especially since all these new extension’s are coming out. Great idea though.

  10. Bruno

    Do a 5 member panel. 3 experienced and 2 not so much but do have a significant amount of inventory. The reason you want to have it be structured like a board of directors with a majority rule is that you want to avoid running a kangaroo court. Pick them the way you would pick a board of director in your own ventures.

  11. Mike

    Awesome initiative! I support you with no reservation…The unfair winners deserve to be relevantly sanctioned. But, what about an auctioneer who, one week or two after the end of an auction, communicates with the winning bidder to let him/her know that he/she can’t have the won domain. Then, the winner receives a reimbursement. That happened several times… And for great domains…
    Best regards, Rick…

  12. Morgan Linton

    Great idea, I definitely support it. Had someone back out on an auction earlier this year after I had already paid for the name and transferred the money. Their excuse was that they had found a higher bidder after I had already purchased it…since they were out of the US they said they didn’t have to honor Sedo’s binding sales contract…lame.

  13. DM

    Great Idea!
    I sold a domain on a domain auction and did not receive the money.
    I think its my obligation to report that `buyer`. Guys like that only create frustration among others.

  14. Pat hd

    Truly in support of this. Great Idea! let me know if I can be of any help. Thank you and have a safe blessed day for you and all of your readers!

  15. HowieCrosby

    Completely agree, great idea, as a community of domainers we should be able to roll this out without outside regulation, but I agree with feedback from the violator in case there has been a genuine family bereavement or such and the domainer has to postpone the payment only.

  16. T

    I fully support the idea. Post names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses of the deadbeats. That’s the only way to motivate deadbeats to follow through. I’ve tried it before and it worked.

  17. asd

    Consult with an attorney who understands the CDA.

    Your immunity from liability as a publisher extends so far. The sideliners will cheer and boo but they’re not the ones with skin in the game. You are.

    Certain as the rising tide, you’re eventually going to call someone a ‘deadbeat’ who’s going to sue you and not back off just because you agree to take the post down. It’s one thing with companies who engage in systemic abuse of process and RDNH. It’s a completely different can of worms when you start targeting the reputations of individuals because you think they’re a ‘deadbeat’ for one reason or another. The liability profile is completely different.

  18. Luke

    You can add Nokta Domains to the deadbeat list.

    I purchased a domain using ‘buy now’ on Sedo and they pulled out of the agreement after I had already paid.

    I’ve incurred costs for their lack of business ethics (currency exchange fees etc) – now that’s not fair.

    I’m happy to provide evidence and full details by email (Rick you can contact me by email, or I’ll get in contact with you when the deadbeat section is added on hallofshame.com).

    It’s not ok to break business agreements. Maybe some publicity will help stop this bullshit.

  19. L

    I can provide an example less than 24 hours old of how something like this could get off kilter. I received an angry email to the box I maintain for certain domain registrations. The chap had apparently been getting repeatedly bombed by spam from MY DOMAIN and demanded it stop?!? This spooked me since the domain in question was dead-center in a project due to launch in less than 60 days. Had I been hacked? Was I being spoofed? I was both nervous and furious. Went deep into the DNS and modified the sender policy framework (thanks, GD support) and touched base with my lawyer. 24 hours later, per my request, the fellow forwarded me the spam email. Turns out the offending spam originated from a domain that duplicated a letter so it ‘appeared’ to be my domain, but wasn’t. He didn’t catch the deliberate typo and emailed me instead. Huge sigh of relief, a simple mistake made by a genuinely nice guy but if he had gone off half-cocked and started posting libelous ‘internet complaints’, it would’ve gotten expensive for us both.

  20. Nokta Domains

    Hi Luke;

    This is Kubra Koseler from Noktadomains.com.

    We just read your post. We are sorry for this inconvenience. We wish you tried to buy this domain name through Noktadomains.com. In Noktadomains.com you will never face with this kind of situation.

    In Sedo sales, we use an API. If a buy now domain names sold without using API, we can not accept the sales. Maybe it’s the reason of this cancellation.

    Since you purchased it from Sedo, we do not know which domain name you are talking about. In order to learn the reason of cancellation, could you please let me know the domain name?

    You can directly reach us with the mail address below.


    We are waiting for your response.



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