Rick Reviews .London, .NYC, .Club, .Tattoo, .Sexy, .Web and BS!!

Morning Folks!!

Each new gTLD I will review with the following lens and I will rate in each category.




VALUE (And for now, let's stipulate that value is limited until it can be measured in a more meaningful way)

I can score them on a 1-10 basis but seldom will I have to.

So let's start with .London

Let me also make the following blanket statement. Geo's and Brands may be exceptions.

Brands have nothing to do with us as investors. The only relevance is if they will use it, when they will use it and how they will use it. So let's stipulate that .brand is a separate issue. If I were working for .brand I would get the .brand gtld. Maybe never use it, but secure it nonetheless depending on the brand. Some brands can take their time. .CocaCola for example is not in jeopardy. However .apple or .delta could be. So there would be more of a sense of urgency.

.Geo tlds will be determined by how it is embraced locally and whether it is a turn off or a turn on internationally. Gucci.Rome? Maybe. Fendi.Paris. But the "." is very confusing and sometimes catalogued.

Point is, these are different from the generics. I can't say which way it may go. But it is still limited. But there is opportunity depending on the restrictions and adaptation. It may or may not be embraced. The public has the final vote. None of us do. Our job is to predict what will unfold and bet on the outcome.

So then we get to the generics and those are the ones I will focus on.

Let's do .Club

First of all when I apply my test of Need, Want and Desire, almost all will rate very low on "Need". There is little "Need" for any of this. So let's not make false foundations. Need is universally LOW! Bullshit is about to become universally high trying to overcome the FACT that there is no need! We already heard some of it. We are running out of .coms. Bullshit! .Com is your fathers extension. More bullshit. And friend or foe, I am allergic to bullshit and I will point it out each time. If you like stepping in it, then by all means don't let me stop you.

Then we get to WANT! Want is another story. And .Club actually ranks rather well on want. I could see clubs wanting their name. So let's discuss the most valuable .clubs. Those will be famous and trademarked .clubs and that has no meaning to you and me. However there are a number of generic clubs. Problem is most clubs like that would not have a lot of money as a general rule. Now there are exceptions and it will be those exceptions that you would have to focus on. So Bridge.club to a women's Thursday condo club has no value. You need a national bridge club to WANT that domain for a lot of money. Do they WANT it? That is the question?? They certainly don't need it.

Then we go to desire. You really need to desire something before you even get to want. I don't know that folks are going to desire these. They may. There are enough clubs so it could have a basis and a foundation. Will they desire it in time is the only question?

You can take a gtld like that and stand it next to .tatoo for example. Given those two, I would bet on .club. But of course, we have many more choices, so keep your wallet in your pockets for the time being.

Then .sexy is the last one for today. There is only one thing I am 100% certain of when it comes to .sexy. I am certain that sexy.com is the immediate and big winner. There is no gamble there whatsoever. Sexy.com does not have to do a thing. On the other hand the .Sexy registry, needs many thousands of what comes down to "Sub-domains".  That loops right back around to co.com. They seem to be betting that the .com is imperative on the end and are going to be there to take advantage of the confusion factor if that materializes. But don't mind me. I am a simple man who is easily confused. Luckily hundreds of millions know how I feel.

I will match each one against .web. Why .web? Because so far that would seem the one that makes the most sense for any type of wide adaptation in which ANY word or phrase can be used in conjunction with it.

But .web could be another .biz or .net. Could be. I am not certain. I can see scenarios for either. And that is what our job is. Be certain about what we are certain of and be flexible on what we are not certain of. With each new bit of info, even certain has to be looked at again and recalculated. You either become more or less certain. But this is still a process that must be done mentally to get to a conclusion and an answer before others do.

So .web if it had some broad support and advertising could be an extension that puts .net on their heels. A good case could be made to abandon a .net and use a .web if it were to be embraced by the public. My comments on .web go back years and as Franky pointed out during our debate last month, they opted for .info instead. That was a HUGE mistake. Had they used .web at that time, I think things would look a lot different today.

Need, want, desire.

Need to me is universally 1 on the 1-10 scale. It may decline from there. ;-)

Want, comes down to the audience it will attract. .Club could do well on want. .web could do well on want. .London could do well on want. When it comes to desire, that is what they need to instill in folks and that is a TALL order. To instill desire on something you don't actually need. Tough mountain. Depends how the locals embrace and use it. Depends if the locals are not the ones that own the domains. Depends on all types of restrictions that could be in play. That applies to all the geos universally. We know the city is behind .nyc. But what we don't know is who and how many will adapt to it and who basically will reside there. Who will or will not advertise it. All unknowns and most of the unknowns don't end well. And the confusion factor is always there.

Brands are separate and the only thing we need to watch for and be aware of is adaptation and advertising. Whether it will be used as an internal or external platform. Without that, it is nothing more than a patent in a drawer that may or may not have useful value.

Look, I enjoy talking about the unknown. Comparing notes, thoughts and ideas. The elbows will eventually fly with 700 horses in a derby meant for 15-20. They will contradict each other. Stumble over each other and basically do damage to each other. More than my thoughts could ever do. Sorry, that's the way it is likely to unfold. I can't control any of that. I can just see it before it materializes and articulate it beforehand. Tell me next Christmas how wrong I am. Kumbya won't be in the top 100.

Sales are hard to make. But sales make the world go around. Without sales all the 700 die on the vine. No 2 ways about it. A true catch 22. Domainers looking for the second coming are likely to snap up whatever they can afford and if that smothers the end-user out, game over! On the other hand if they are depending on the end-user and startups to support them, could be the same result. A balancing act for sure. It will take a few years to see who survives. There is simply not enough oxygen out there to support them all. Each collapse can only hurt those that remain. Can only cast a shadow on the others. That is why there will be a lot of turmoil to come.

And they will be FORCED to resort to bullshit as we have already seen. They must paint a blue sky or who in their right mind would invest? When selling, there is allowable bullshit and bullshit that is to the point of misleading and lying. See when you have to mislead and lie to sell, that is a very weak sale. That is a sale that may bounce. That is a sale riddled with problems.  That may not be a sale at all. I think we have all been fooled enough with the promises of riches with extensions that have done nothing but suck up investors money.

I really do want to see what they see. Just don't pee on my leg and tell me it is raining. Tell me the benefits of your .whatever without having to resort to silly stuff that will never filter down to your target audience anyways and alienates domainers that could actually invest if they did not think they were getting bullshitted AGAIN! It's all about the .whatever and what value it has to offer. The same people saying this and that didn't see the recovery and BOOM we are in now just a few months back when I started pointing to the reasons we would be where we are now. But it is not about now, it's about where we will be in a year from now.

I really don't care who runs the registry. Network Solutions was perhaps the worst company I ever had the pleasure to do business with. They were so inept back in 1995 and 1996 tat they forgot to put in a cash register and actually charge for each domain name. Did not seem to hurt .com and they were like an angel investor to me. By the time the first bill actually came, I was making money online and I had more income than bills.

This is fun and exciting times for us. However the new registries are under the gun to make money. They have overhead, staffs, rent, attorney bills, ICANN bills and then they have to suffer delay after delay after delay. That is very costly and some of them are in a world of pain. So when I hear domainers say for $185k they could have owned a registry, not so fast. And since we are ging to have 700 under the gun at virtually the same time, IMAGINE the bullshit they and their folks are about to spew. I have written about it for 18 months and now we are seeing it.

Besides that, 75% of "Domainers" and "Domain Flippers" that we all know, will be working for these companies. So friend or foe, it is about the viability of each extension and the opportunity to make money that will be my driving force and the only thing that gets in the way of that is BULLSHIT and that is why you will NEVER see me relent when it comes to BS. No way Jose!

So my advice for each gTLD, is stick with the facts, don't make up sales and don't try to marginalize something else in order to make your case. That dog won't hunt. It's weak and transparent. Really.

Just one last promise.

If you like your .Com, you can keep your .Com. Period! See I think when it comes to bullshit, we have all heard quite enough. So become Joe Friday from Dragnet. Nothing but the FACTS. I point to EMPIRICAL evidence backed by numbers. Ignoring that is not the road to make a sale.

Rick Schwartz

38 thoughts on “Rick Reviews .London, .NYC, .Club, .Tattoo, .Sexy, .Web and BS!!

  1. Dell Dude

    If you like your .COM you can keep your .Com. Period!


    The glds are all dumb. No one will want them or use them, Rick. Yet another great post.

  2. DM

    “My comments on .web go back years and as Franky pointed out during our debate last month, they opted for .info instead. That was a HUGE mistake. Had they used .web at that time, I think things would look a lot different today.”

    Sorry, I do not believe what Frank Schilling says about new TLDs.
    Franky also was talking nicely about .xxx and invested heavily too.
    There is not .xxx market and .xxx Registry start selling best premium names cheaply. If Frank waited he could buy them much, much cheaper now.

    Frank`s talk about .xxx

  3. BullS

    You got that right!! dot BS is my favorite and they are my sponsor of my site.

    When in doubt, go dot com….young man

  4. UFO

    If .brand and .location are potential exceptions then the argument has already been lost. Because next it will be .vertical .segment and then all the rest as it ripples out.

    Consumers only have to be shown the method so many times before they understand it. They are learning right now as 1&1 has adverts on television showing them all about it. Millions of pre interest registrations pretty much show it is getting across.

    OVER and OVER again domainers don’t get the basic fact is that registries get new domain names for 25c each so the cost to release these are VERY low.

    Most domainers will tell you as newbies that they bought all sorts of pigeon sh*t when they first started out. Well, so will business owners and by the time they have used it for branding, put a website on it and got all their business cards done THEY WON’T SHIFT BACK.

    The future is changing and to Ameicans ‘.com’ meant internet, well in other nations far more than ‘.com’ means internet so ‘.whatevers’ will easily mean internet. The internet will be understood as ‘.’ between two or more words.

    Confused users in the future will be typing in ricks.blog

    What we are seeing is a new business model. Registries are the new ‘domain’ owners.

    1. Rick Schwartz

      Everything is a potential exception or else there would be nothing to discuss. There are always exceptions. I am not stating that there will be an exception here. 1 out of 700. Maybe. Sorry but much better odds with roulette.

      And early adaptation does not equate to the long run. Just because some set sail on an o.co does not mean they will reach their destination. They could easily be lost at sea or have to return to home port.

  5. UFO

    All these .gTLDs will be initial duds in my opinion. But after the die back in about a decade they will all take off as widespread recognition and adoption then kicks in. Maybe more like 5 years but lets say 10.

    Hence, while it might not be the best of investment decisions at the present time they will clean up in the future.

    .club is a great gTLD. Its connection with the types of consumers that use social media is HIGH.

    All this ‘Need’ ‘Want’ and ‘Desire’ is ok when we are talking about basic goods and services. But ultimately .club is exactly the same as .com it terms of its function, the only trade off at the moment is recognition, recollection and the issues that fall out from that. But in terms of authority .club is far better than .com for clubs.

  6. Brad Mugford

    One issue I see with brands is they still need something left of the dot.

    Let’s take Apple for example. Right now their homepage is Apple.com as expected. Their domain has universal consumer awareness.

    With their .brand what is going to replace their homepage? Apple.Apple? Home.Apple? There has to be a term on the left.

    I can see .brand being a decent supplemental option, but not primary option.
    As long as you own your brand in .COM you are set.


  7. UFO


    Massive difference between these names like o.com and the new gTLDs. o.co is a straight out branding issue thinking that the benefits of ‘short’ as being more beneficial than the ease of ‘recollection’.

    Overstock as a branding word screams ‘cheap bargain’ which when discussed always makes consumers curious and therefore drives traffic. If someone talks about buying something on ‘o.co’ it creates little interest.
    (Overstock by the way was full of cheap Chinese manufactured items when I looked (2 years ago) which I could have imported direct in unlimited quantities so I am not sure that it was ever ‘overstock’ other than a marketing device to induce visitors).

    ‘.co’ in my opinion should be placed in the same bucket as hacks because it adds NOTHING to recollection it in fact detracts. New gTLDs like ‘.club’ have recollection and authority to clubs.

    The new gTLDs are increasingly getting better in their focus and while there have been many errors in this round I think in the next round it will be the last chance to get a great gTLD. Make no doubt about it; I’d like to get a few of them and with private equity start leveraging certain businesses.

    There will never be any money for domainers in these new gTLDs as they are buying from effectively domain owners owning the gTLDs. The balance of power is shifting to the registries that own the gTLDs; that’s where the money is to be made.

    Great .com’s that have good commercial orientation will be ok for at least a decade or more (In fact I think as investments they will just plateau in 10+ years, so they stack up as a good investment).

    But the market is going through segmentation and the bar is being raised in response. Lots more .com’s will fall below ‘investment grade’.

  8. UFO


    For quite a long time I had been banging on about why browsers task bars weren’t also search engine query boxes. Well, guess what, even MS explorer now acts as a search task bar.

    Now, I am banging on about browsers making an entry of .brand resolve. My guess it will happen.

    So, browsers will get .nike entered into the task bar and it will resolve to (my guess) nike.nike which is no different to typing in yourdot.com and getting the index.html or .php .aspx etc page/ Hence NIKE will advertise itself a .Nike

    When you see the above happening then if the top 100 world class brands starting doing this then its end of days for .com as the standard for the internet.

  9. UFO

    Sorry, one last word. All the new gTLDs had better make sure they cover theselves for any eventually as .gTLD resolving as gTLD.gTLD. Sure something else could potential be the standard, but the standard is right here and right now up for negotiation so if you jointly decide and petition ICANN and the Browsers then this will become the standard. Nike and all the rest will want gTLD.gTLD because index.nike or anything else detracts.

    All the worlds best brands will want to go for .brand

  10. Domenclature.com

    I agree 100% with Schwartz, here, except this post is too kind to newGTLD people. Rick resolves every doubt to their benefit. Yet, he stands firm in his conclusions, no favor for friend or foe, just the plain truth, and for that, I support the post 100%


    “When you see the above happening then if the top 100 world class brands starting doing this then its end of days for .com as the standard for the internet”.

    I agree with this nugget in your loquacious comments, but it’s the only thing I accept in yours.

    I’ve written in some obscure blogs, such as ElliotsBlog, and perhaps, thedomains, that if some succeed, all will succeed, simply because, the one thing they have to overcome, they have to overcome together, and that is, people and companies forming the habit of typing keywords at both ends of the dot.

  11. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,

    Need and demand are are both needed to sustain any market pricing system. With literally infinite letter and # combinations in just the existing extensions, why should either need or demand be even a part of the equation of this quasi experimental derivatives play ???

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  12. UFO

    When the first major brand advertises itself as .brand then there is no going back. It will all unwind from there. Call it the nemesis or black swan or .whatever event.

    However, if early adopter brands use .brand for internal purposes then the conveyor belt of closing down gTLDs may occur, which means .com remains the standard.

    But the likes of Nike may well use .nike in advertising as they can point the .com back to .nike. Initially they’ll run in parallel and test in a small market like NZ.

    The big brands are so well known they easily out brand the .com, nike could easily run adverts with .nike and always still get all the traffic, heck a quarter of internet users find these companies by using search engines anyway.

    I guess even the likes of Google will chip in and give extra weight to .whatevers as the relevance will be far higher and they have a vested interest in mixing the market up a bit and getting more search queries and less direct navigation.

    Anyway, none of this affects domainers other than the emergence of .brands and .whatevers means more .com’s will be pigeon sh*t as the standard bar will have increased.

  13. Jeff Schneider

    If anyone doubts that the .COM extension, in itself , is the most recognizable brand in the world, you just flunked Marketing 101. JAS 11/17/13

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  14. Sam I Am

    I support gtld’s. Here are 10 reasons why I think gtld’s will succeed:

    1. They will be a lot cheaper. Oh, what’s that? Prices are anticipated to be between $50 to 100/year? Sheesh – on second thought, I can get a new (or renew) 5-12 or .com’s for that price.

    2. There will be better availability. Oh, what’s that? It’s because no one else wants them? Yeah, I guess I can already buy lots of .biz. .mobi or .name domains if I wanted to do so. They would even be cheaper too.

    3. Gtld’s will rank higher in Google, especially since Google sponsors a bunch of them. Wait, what’s that you say? Huh, that’s not how PageRank works? Oh, it is based on traffic and incoming links? Well, that will never happen! I will just have to advertise then.

    4. Gtld sponsors will take out radio ads and billboards. Lots of them. They will flood the market and spend millions. Oh, what’s that? The average consumer has never heard of the gtld program and will listen to a gtld commercial and inadvertently proceed to go to the .com competitor? Oh — that’s not good. How do you know that? Oh, it was already proven by O.co in their failed attempt to create a shortcut? In their report to shareholders they claimed that 61% of their intended visitors went to the wrong destination by typing in .com. Oh, I see.

    5. Millions will be spent to promote gtlds. Huh, what’s that you say? Trillions are presently being spend to promote .com and have been for quite a while? Oh, I see.

    6. The Fortune 500 will all want gtlds. Oh, what’s that? Every single one of them already has a .COM and has actively been promoting it for 15+ years? Really? Oh, I see.

    7. I have a friend who has a friend who is sponsoring a gtld. Millions are being invested and I can get in early on the ground floor. It’s the next big thing. Frank Schilling says so. What’s that you say? One way to make a small fortune is to start with a large one? Oh, I see.

    8. Some big names are getting in on this and I want to join them. Huh? Some did so only to thwart phishers from utilizing their name brand in fake email solicitations? Oh, I see.

    9. The gtld program is too big to fail. What’s that? It’s not? Really, this has all been tried and failed before on numerous occasions? Oh, never mind.

    10. But my sister-in-law got laid off and is trying to set up a website to sell reflective sweaters for little girls. She can’t get a good .com domain with the keywords she wants. What that you say? Sucks to be her? You say you want real estate in down town Manhattan, but there is none available? Gee, good point.

    Hmmm, maybe the gtld idea is not such a good one after all. In fact, the more I think about it, the less appealing it becomes.

    Please excuse me while I go renew some .com’s.

  15. UFO

    lol @ Jeff

    Nike as a brand will always survive nike.com as a URL extension. The internet does not make the brand. The ONLY thing .com adds to Nike is the ease of navigation and some current boost as a direct match.

    .Nike is BETTER than Nike.com from a direct marketing recollection perspective. The ONLY reason .com exists is a fate of naming conventions.

    Problem with most of you is you see the world from an ex ante type perspective. Technology and change is not a simple projection from the past.

    Problem is Jeff you think along the lines that ‘you can have any car colour you want so long as it’s black’, you can have any URL so long as its .com.

    You don’t understand social media and you don’t understand novelty. Many products and services exist because people like variety. The world doesn’t want communist bland efficiency, they want consumerism = variety.

  16. Domain Buyer Broker

    Ask mom and pop and corporate American how they are doing with their .co websites. No? Nothing? Ask them how they are doing developing on ANYTHING other than .com.

    Watch Howard Neu’s video visits to local shop owners in Ft. Lauderdale. Half of them didn’t even have a .com web address and this is 2013 and I’m talking about .com people. NONE will get .whatever or .anything.

    Agree .geos and .brands may have limited success IF owner really markets the hell out of their fully developed and useful website coupled with LOTS of word of mouth. Otherwise… punt.

  17. Jeff Schneider

    Flunking Greater Fools have no knowledge of Marketing Fundamentals. The Greater Fool Theory will initially support the gTld experiment but for how long?

    Our advice Don’t be the last ones holding the bag on the non .brand variety.

    Gratefully, Jeff schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  18. Mappy


    Are you calling .Tattoo novelty? That’s an interesting word to use. A lot kinder than the one I would have chosen to describe it. I think that particular gtld will be the poster boy for the numerous failed gtlds and will make the October 1st Affordable Healthcare rollout look super successful. For the life of me, I can’t see anyone wanting, needing, desiring or registering a .Tattoo (or is it .Tatoo?). What a waste of time, effort, energy and money.

  19. UFO


    Yes, I’d call .tattoo a novelty extension. If Frank was after a better payback I could have told him some far better gTLDs that he could have gone after. But I think his motivation for .tattoo isn’t a pure hard nosed payback type play. I think he likes the artistic element of the art, which pretty much points out his orientation to social media. As I’ve pointed out, these initial gTLDs for some registries are a learning exercise and you can be sure they will be touting for work going forward… especially as there could be a landrush of .brands lining up in the next round in what appears to be 5 years.

    But on the .tattoo extension it is like most gTLDs they are ahead of the curve. Once better web building software comes along then we’ll see a proliferation of total packages. Hosting, domains, forums etc, all self serviced. Facebook and the likes exist because they have functional ease, but people would prefer their own address and site, myspace was closer to that model. He’s not just bought a gTLD he’s bought potentially the whole backend for the industry, that could have been undertaken by tattoo.com but issuing subdomains isn’t as good as issuing actual domains.

    I think everyone isn’t seeing how social media and the people that use that segment are likely to prefer an identity over strict traditional metrics of determining what is the ‘most profitable’ extension.

  20. Jeff Schneider

    People using social media and those that want to be uniquely separated from the generic crowd will choose to identify themselves in extensions that have been proven to be the most prolific Profit Centers. By mere definition the .COM Profit Centers, process more digital currency transactions, than any other extension.

    Rule # 1 (Follow The Money)

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  21. UFO

    Sorry Jeff, you’re out of touch on the social media front.

    The likes of Yahoo could step out and acquire .band and make massive social connections to the youth market. If these domains were issued basically free then you’d have all the bands signing up. The spin off’s are huge.

    MS or Google could do likewise and soften up their brands by being a bit more social. Google via Youtube would work well with .band

    Follow the money, domain names are just the intro. The real money is the connections to the users.

    Nb: Nowhere have I ever said domainers have an angle on this market, although they could if they all pitched in and bought certain gTLDs before the biggest of players wakes up and jumps in.

  22. Jeff Schneider

    Hypothetical examples that are used for promotional Bluster are admittedly creative, but not necessarily in touch with future reality. I have to give you credit you are awfully creative and I like that.

    Gratefully, Jeff schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  23. Kassey

    What I do know is that passive marketing will no longer work. I’ll be watching how each gTLD will be promoted.

  24. UFO

    Common Jeff,

    I’ve already said how Amazon can use .shop to basically take all its vertical shops and make them distributive. Make no doubt about it all these large players haven’t bought these gTLDs to sit on them.

    .band is the same potential to turn youtube into a distributive type set up. All the kids listen to all the new bands out. And you don’t have to be that aware to know how myspace just appeared from nowhere in a short time to be all consuming for the youth set. At the moment all the small bands are radomly distributed over the naming space, all the ‘The****.com’s’ have been bought by domainers hoping they can sponge some money from a new act. .band and all the rest help consolidate into better groupings and identities. Ever known any ‘bikers’?? They are a very social set, loads of bikers would like to be on biker domains. Although .club might get them all first as they tend to form as ‘clubs’

    Commerce = .com
    Social = .gTLDs

    Only so many gTLDs have the right size, scope, identity to tap the market. But the market will change / evolve, but I can assure you that .com isn’t going to be all consuming, it will be ‘topped’ by .brand and ‘tailed’ by .social, it will end up sitting in the middle SME commerce market.

  25. Ramahn

    UFO, I actually agree with you as far as gtld =social/ youth set. I disagree with your take on .brand tho. Not every brand can have their own brand first of all. Second, are you saying companies will brand themselves as literally “dot brand”? Google will be ‘dot Google’? Nike dot Nike? Really? I don’t think so my friend. And that’s the only way it’ll work. A companies name/brand is bigger than (just) their online presence.
    The kids might love .tattoo..sure ill buy that, but it will be limited. I just don’t see how this is a game changer. The more specific the gtld, the more restrictive. That’s the problem..these .randomwords limit you.

  26. NEIL

    Rick, during your last eTRAFFIC.me , Mr. H. Neu made a brilliant demo, proving clear that most of the end-users, even business owners, do not know anything about any other extensions than .COM
    Who will use the new weird gTLDs, probably the Klingons?
    ICANN is getting rich selling spamming pigeon shit…

  27. Whatever

    “The new gTLDs also present a threat to “heritage” Web extensions such as .com and .net. Seventy-one percent of event attendees polled stated that they intend to sunset their heritage domain names with a more relevant gTLD once their branded domain is available for use.” It’s already started, i.e., the thought that .com and .net are going to be put out to pasture. Mooooo over .com and .net.


    1. Rick Schwartz

      Hey Whatever,
      This is the kind of PROPAGANDA they want you to buy into. Maybe you should read about who made the post and whose SELF INTEREST it may be serving.

      “By Afilias (Sponsored Post)”

      So this is NOT an ARTICLE! This is a sales piece! Propaganda. Folks better LEARN how to do DUE DILLIGENCE!

      That’s a PAID advertisement. Not an article of fact! A PRESS RELEASE.

      Good find! You don’t happen to be cubicle whore at Afiilias are ya?? :-)

      The NOISE is starting big time!

    2. Rick Schwartz

      And Whatever,
      Don’t be a pussy! If you believe something then pen your name!
      Until then, you and anyone like you are just cubicle whores to e that deserve no respect until them pull the mask off.

      If you work for Affilias, that is fine. Don’t put on a disguise!
      Put your NAME behind your words or they have NO VALUE!
      A cubicle whore sent out to spread propaganda has no value. Does it??

      The source of anything is KEY!
      So your argument must be weak to hide.

      Frank did not hide.
      Monte did not hide
      .Club did not hide
      .Kiwi did not hide.

      Sorry, I can’t take anyone serious that at THIS POINT in time won’t put their name with their words.

  28. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,

    We still think the overall response of consumers will be .Whatsthis? From a marketing standpoint to call them .Whatsthis? , which in our opinion is exactly how they will be viewed by consumers, is a better definition.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)


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