Ricks Official 2013 Reader Poll. Part 1

Morning Folks!!I have never done this before but that does not mean I can't do it today. This is your day to give me your thoughts and directions for 2014. Hope you engage and help me serve you better in the future.

How many gTLD's will you Buy Into?
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If you are Planning to Invest in gTLD's, How much Money will be earmarked?
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How much of the TRAFFIC Agenda Should be Devoted to gTLD's?
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How many Domains do you own?
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How many years have you been in Domaining?
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If you are buying gTLD's I am buying to:
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Rick's Posts about gTLD's have been:
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Do you think gTLD's will
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Has Ricksblog.com been Beneficial to you?
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How many gTLD's will be successful?
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The more time TRAFFIC Devotes to gTLD's the:
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Are some Bloggers views slanted because of gTLD advertisers?
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Will the main reason you will attend a trade show in 2014 be to meet the gTLD Registries?
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Do you think Breaking Bread at TRAFFIC is important?
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Will the move to South Beach make you more likely to come?
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Many domain shows in 2014
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What would you give as an overall rating of the new gTLD extensions
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In 2014 Rick Should:
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Thank you for being part of this. Your answers will help me determine the future. Part 2 will be out next week.

UPDATE: Here are the results

Rick Schwartz

17 thoughts on “Ricks Official 2013 Reader Poll. Part 1

  1. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,

    It is in domainers best interest to be educated on the gTLD Derivatives. Most if not all will be flashes in the pan, leaving many holding the bag. You can put lipstick on a gTLD , it remains a gTLD.

    The DNA is looking out for its Big Money Closet Sponsors not Domainers.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    If you use a Non.com business address extension ,you are choosing to geographically shut your business out of the Worlds largest Internet traffic patterns.
    Mean while / most all the gTLD Derivatives Promoters use the Strategically superior.COM extension to gain a Strategic Market Penetration advantage. Some of the smartest .COM Franchise holders like Google.com and Amazon.com are participating in gTLDs so as to diffuse Start Up competitors traffic patterns to their dominant .COM Franchise Addresses advantage. We cannot make this any clearer than this. JAS 12/12/13

  3. Groovy

    Jeff et al, wake up a smell the coffee.

    Rick I admire you but look to the future and embrace some of it.

    All, invest wisely the rules of the game have changed.


  4. UFO


    Unfortunately from what I see, all these new gTLDs are being so damned greedy gTLDs may actually fall at the first hurdle. I do see potential in new gTLDs, however unless there is sufficient traction I can see a conveyer belt starting up where adopters migrate to the gold standard .com. (This is what has happened with all the other gTLDs).

    There’s a whole bunch of trigger points / milestones that have to be achieved and it will be interesting to see the drop rates on renewals and if they go the way of all the other prior gTLDs.

  5. Jeff Schneider

    R.E. = ” Jeff et al, wake up a smell the coffee. ”

    The rules of the game may be changing but the worldwide viewers ratings of .COM Franchises top 50% of the world viewers pie. These are facts not pie in the sky hopefull projections. The future is now and those who predicate their future on promotional bluster are on the thinnest of ice.

    ” Numbers don’t lie, people lie. Rick Schwartz 1997

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  6. Rich

    My sense here is that you have been ask to stop writing about the gTLD’s
    They are probably blaming you for not selling as much as they hoped for.

    Well,it’s not you,we can also do the math and smell the “pigeon droppings”
    So far this extensions that came out are pigeon s**t and they are way to much money.
    Let them sell to endusers cause thats what they proclaim they want.

    So i wish them good luck ,they really really need it.

  7. Ramahn

    The big gtld guys are saying these new extensions are for startups, small businesses, new guys, the new generation, etc. ‘Oh no no…I’m not talking already established businesses, these are for the new guys who can’t get a good dot c0m’ (you’ve just established that .com is the standard with statements like that right there).

    I used to hold hope for geo gtld and maybe there will be some success there but I’m not even sure about that now. Like others have said- money talks bs walks. Lets see how many ‘real’ regs using real money these things produce, then lets see how many of those hold for 2-3 years.

  8. Zahir Jooma

    this is good gltd talk lately rick… i don’t hate gltd’s at all, i just wouldn’t buy unless they really caught my eye. or a short domain hack like ta.co which is worth a couple grand to me just because it’s fun, but worth much more to others… long ones are not important to me. i wouldn’t want anything over seven characters…

    the only gltd i’m paying premium for is a hack that i’ve been negotiating for a year and finally made a deal this week. i just crossed 100 domains i care about, (not including the crap i bought) and this’ll be my first gltd with the exception of three .co’s. .co is an exception to all this gltd talk imo because it’s so similar to .com, but like you say not a domain i would heavily invest into.

  9. Cyborg

    ‘gTLD’ = generic top-level domain = .com, .net, .org, .info, .gov and others.

    Personally, I will be buying mostly gTLDs and perhaps a few ccTLDs in 2014, but probably not too many.

    Probably not going to buy any of the new dorky TLDs that are coming out real soon; .build, .ceo, .uselesstld, .etc…

    Being in the US, I find that .us domains work exceptionally well here in the US and do much better for SEO than .com does for US-based stuff so I have a bunch of .us domains…and I will probably get more.

    Like 13i.us and 9th.us Not bad for low $, eh?

  10. Greg

    Even the Domain King is more open to the idea of selling domains nowdays

    .com is past it’s heyday and like all technology advances it fades eventually

    video killed the radio star and .com is not so strong as to last forever

  11. Neil

    Rick, do not stop!
    eTRAFFIC.me and the others…
    TRAFFICwestpalmbeach.com has more “joie de vivre”…
    ICANN hires people with brain damage…who won’t make any money with the new extensions invented by them, when probably they were drunk: guru, menu, roadside, restroom, uglygirls, badpeople…
    We will follow you, the King.
    Just one man’s opinion, working in IT for 24 years…
    Thank You. Kind regards, Neil

  12. leon

    Hi Zahir, Great to see you posting here.

    Zahir is a young man going places in a hurry. I had the pleasure of meeting him.

  13. Jeff Schneider

    Although Amazon and Google may tinker with the gTLD experiment ,like others , it is growing vertically, as Rick Schwartz has said, and they may just run sub-domains as a larger part of their marketing strategy. Sub-domains are a great vertical growth strategy for the proven .COM Franchise holders. The large proven .COM Franchise companies will use the gTLDs for .COM traffic aggrigating purposes, funneling traffic back to their .COM Franchise Profit Centers.
    Meanwhile many small business owners who are not well branded and established who adopt the gTLDs , will be lost in the shuffle by adopting the gTLD offerings over the wiser choice .COM Franchises, thereby cutting themselves off from the .COM Channels superior traffic velocity. This is Googles and Amazons grand design and it looks like there will be many unsuspecting takers of the gTLD industries offerings. The hook is being set and there will be many suckers taking the bait. JAS 12/14/13


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