My Thoughts after More than a Dozen Review Episodes

Morning Folks!!

So I really enjoy doing the shows that comes out on Thursday mornings. It is one thing to sit behind a keyboard and punch out words and thoughts but it adds a dimension when you can see who we are and how we approach things.  Not everything translates well in words. Powerful as they are.

If you have watched any of the episodes, you will see while we agree a lot, we often times disagree. I like disagreement because I usually learn something I did not think about. Or sometimes I have thought a great deal about something that others have not.

I hope folks are getting something out of what we are doing and hope it helps them to focus on acquiring better domain names. The entire panel is qualified and they are smart businessman besides.  They are all friends and good guys and as you see we have a good time too. Plus, we are brutally honest and opinionated.

Anyway's, I had never written about the show and decided just to start a little conversation and hope you have seen some and hope you like what we are doing.

Rick Schwartz

11 thoughts on “My Thoughts after More than a Dozen Review Episodes

  1. Scott Smith


    Michael Cyger has done an outstanding job at cobbling together an eclectic mix of domainer personalities. The content from the varying points of view serve the gamut of domainer from newbs to some of the best in the business.

    Now if you Sherpas could only master grade 2 flashcards, you’d be much better off.



  2. UFO

    One thing though, anyone advising anyone to buy domain names without dashes were another entity owns the domain with a dash on the pretence that they will ‘want to upgrade at some point’ is a UDRP action waiting to happen. Worse still, if its part of a undertaking then the whole portfolio can be seen as ‘bad faith’ and opens the doors to lots more UDRP actions and loss of potential other domains.

    Sounds like I’m being a kill joy today but lets be more aware of ICANN requirements.

  3. Luke

    Rick, the show is excellent, I’ve picked up some great insights from you and the other sherpas

  4. albert yemenian

    The first list of today’s show was my list.
    Thanks to you and the others for the opinions.

  5. mike

    The show is outstanding. And so helpful. I’m very grateful to you Rick as well as Michael Cyger, Page Howe Michael Berkens, Adam Dicker ( and Andrew Rosener and Shane Cultra).. .You have been all priceless.


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