Never Call a Stupid Person “Stupid”!! (Except Today)

Morning Folks!!

Stupid: "having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense."

My brother taught me many years ago to never call a stupid person "Stupid". They won't react well. They will lash out. Don't believe me? Try it! lol You'll be a quick convert.

But now let's get past the knee jerk reaction and see how "having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense" plays into domaining. Instead of using the word STUPID! Intelligence without common sense is like a one winged airplane. It will go in circles and never get anywhere.

But let's focus on "Common Sense". As the saying goes, it ain't too common. And that my friends is probably the #1 issue most domainers face. They lack common sense let alone any BUSINESS SENSE . That's why they deal in Pigeon shit and that's why these folks feel compelled to lash out. Some have been around for decades and have very limited success. However they speak like they actually know what they are talking about. But they don't understand business. They don't understand sales. They THINK they understand branding. But branding comes from sales and since they know squat about sales they know even less about branding!

I tend to give more credence and credit to those that have achieved monetary success. Some of the loudest most obnoxious voices in domaining are from those that have made VERY LITTLE MONEY over many years and can barely support themselves. But they know EVERYTHING!! They have few if any reported sales and when they do it's marginal at best and infrequent. They sell to survive not to thrive. That's a BIG difference and the prices they sell for prove it.

I piss off everyone and if you are honest that is what happens when you let common sense rule. When you speak truth not to power but to just regular people. If the shoe fits, It's not my problem DUDE! I have nothing to feel bad about. I just hit a nerve and you don't react well. So that's on YOU, not ME! I did not target you. I did not mention your name. But you know who you are. So I am the one that you will lash out at and I will laugh cuz you are still misguided. Pissed off? GREAT! The shoe fits.

Let's piss off auction houses and brokers today. How much is their service worth? Well a lot of it depends on the size of the sale. Put the legit range should be 5%-15%. Real Estate agents work on 6%. Middlemen usually get 10%. Jobbers and wholesalers that have to have inventory 20%-25%. I don't give  a rats ass what Christies or Sotheby's gets. Nobody in the domain space is or acts or has the credibility like Christies or Sotheby's nor has their BRAND and pedigree!

I'll probably get an email or 2 from some brokers and auction houses or some snide comment somewhere. That's what happens when you hit a nerve. When you present the reality which may not dovetail with their agenda. But I don't care! They do! LOL

I started in domaining with a GOAL. An achievable goal. Not a pie in the sky nonsense goal. You don't make $1 million, you make a dollar 1 million times! Once you hit your achievable goal, it's time to set a new goal. Repeat, repeat, repeat. That's the path to success.

And to the desperate and truly STUPID domainers that not only send me an emails with all their pigeon shit, but they are SO STUPID that when I don't answer them, they keep sending their crap over and over again. You guys can't take a HINT?? Are you that stupid?? Are you that bad of a business person that you can't figure it out? Nobody wants your PIGEON SHIT! And no, you are NOT a fellow domainer as so many of you tell me in your SPAMS! You are spammers trying to sell worthless crap and your job is finding someone stupider than you! So stop telling everyone you are a domainer. A domainer earns a living with domains or at the very least supplements their income enough to pay the mortgage or a car payment. These guys could not earn enough to last a single day! Desperation is an ugly thing! If you are a starving domainer, maybe domaining ain't your thang!

Rick Schwartz