The Results of your Valuations and Amusement of Estibot! The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Morning Folks!!

And the results are in. Thanks for taking your time to express your opinions on what these domains may be valued at. The result in parenthesis are the valuations from Estibot. Maybe you will see why Estibot is a total joke. It is flawed and has no value or even place in the domain industry! It should be marked: FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY!!

According to the geniuses at Estibot the 10 domains have a TOTAL valuation of $1.8MM. Can they really be taken seriously? Do they help or HARM the domain industry??

Moving on.....

Many did not like Here is what you are missing. Facial Recognition. The value of what is coming with this technology. $2500 purchase. I never mind exposing the price I paid because it has NOTHING to do with the price I sell. Potential Buyers that even bring that up and I would not even answer their emails.

Many of the valuations were very high. While I appreciate that, I don't think they merit that value at this stage of the Internet.

This experiment does show the difference in how folks look at any specific domain. Either way, looks like everyone agrees that the overall value in well into the 7 figures or more.

So that begs the next question. Is OUR job to sell ASAP or is OUR job to wait until the domain is matched with the right party? If I give this list to a broker how much are THEY going to be able to sell them for? How much money would I be leaving on the table? Being in a strong financial position is a HUGE part of playing the domain game the right way!

Just because I have never had a decent offer for does that make the value any less?

Should one have a time frame to sell?

In my world, I wait until the fruit is ripe before I allow the fruit to be picked. It's just that simple.

  1. $77k - $3MM ($184,000)

  2. Unemployed $80k - $2.5MM ($55,000)

  3. $75k - $2MM ($77,000)

  4. $7,500 - $2MM ($2,600)

  5. $30k - $1.3MM ($145,000)

  6. $300k - $10MM ($1,198,000)

  7. $150k - $10MM ($83,000)

  8. $7.5k - $1.8MM ($3,500)

  9. $46k - $2MM ($47,000)

  10. $10k - $12MM ($5,300)

Thank you all!!

Rick Schwartz