Game of Musical Chairs and the Failing Domain Game

Morning Folks,

When I talk about domains I am mostly talking about INVESTMENT QUALITY domains and not any other sector. But the term gets a little muddied up over the years. Domain Investors don't control the industry any longer as they once did. There is no real domain  investor show anymore. Shows are presented for the benefit of those trying to sell you something and that is fine! Just don't be fooled or misled.

Ever played "Musical Chairs" when you were a kid? If not, go look it up.

The so called "Domain Industry" is made up of mostly Musical Chair Players. These are the folks flipping worthless domains to folks that know nothing about domains. That is the #1 sector of the entire "Industry". I don't care if it ends in a .com or a .horse, worthless is worthless. The thriving industry of nothingness!

So as we play musical chairs someone will always be left holding the bag and lose. In this case you have thousands of these level players. They are loud, obnoxious and meaningless. They have their crap listed everywhere and spam their brains out. Their only hope is finding someone with less common sense then them. And believe me, that's a REAL challenge at that level.

An epic domain cleansing is about to hit the beaches of the "Domain Industry". They chased shiny objects and swallowed bags of shit presented to them by "Expert Speakers" all with an agenda for 5 YEARS!! That bag of shit is about to explode and when it does, it will be messy and costly.

This is not the "Domain Industry". This is the industry of "Pigeon Shit" traders.

Just like those chairs that keep disappearing, domainers will disappear at a rate that even Houdini would raise an eyebrow to. The jig is up and when it becomes the Mortgage/Rent vs Domain Renewals, it won't even be a close call.

Rick Schwartz