.App making a Splash. Moving from #525 to #13 in just months! Rick Invests!!

Morning Folks!!

This spring .App was released by Google and it has steadily moved up the charts and poised to be #13 as they have more domains in the zone file than the 3 right in front of them and they have no drops as of yet.

Why is .App doing so much better than most other extensions? Well there is a long list and if you are a domain investor you would have created a list. I am sure some can add to my quick thought up list.

  1. 3 letters. They did not reinvent the wheel

  2. It refers to something specific

  3. The specific thing it refers to is a huge moneymaker

  4. There is actually need, want, desire and demand

  5. There is steady growth

  6. It is backed by Google

  7. Thought of by Google

  8. Godaddy is the #1 Registrar which indicates end user adoption.

  9. You can make your fortune with an App and many have.

  10. It's the only GTLD that Rick Schwartz actually took a risk and invested 6 figures in

  11. It's 1 of only 2 new GTLD extensions that Rick Schwartz would even consider investing in

  12. The renewal rate will likely be higher than most other if not all other GTLD's

  13. There is a rhyme and a reason for end users to use, adopt and notice .App

  14. Until .Web comes to market, .App will remain a steady grower.

  15. Most other GTLD's mean nothing, are nothing and will always be nothing but worthless. Bills not assets. Liabilities.

That said, .App is still a big gamble. But if you go into a casino to gamble, at least pick the best casino and look for the best game at that casino. Then look for a table full of end users. But just like any casino, you have to go in prepared to lose every penny in your pocket. Plus in domaining you lose with renewals as well.

I am no fan of Google, but they may have a winner with .App.

Rick Schwartz

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