You Sell Domains by Focusing on Buying Domains.

Morning Folks!!

I just never ever worry about selling domains. That has been my mindset since 1995. I ONLY focus on buying domains. But I try and focus on domains that would appeal to many.  As I stated in 1996, "This is a unique moment in history". It still is. Towards the end of that cycle? Yes!

All domains are unique but not all domains are in demand. You can't sell something that has no demand. Has to do with gravity! SIMPLE!!

So I watch domainers buy domains for all the wrong reasons and when they can't sell them they go broke. Don't buy to sell. Buy to accumulate and let them grow into trees not a blade of grass.

10 good domains in a portfolio trump 100,000 domains that don't mean anything and don't stand out.  You are looking for DIAMONDS not GLASS! Gold not tin. Water not dirt. Learn the difference or stop wasting your time, money and effort. You are working too hard and not getting anywhere.

I should not complain. Many of the most valuable domains I bought were from domainers and others that had no clue of the value of what they had. That is why YOU need to put a REAL and PROPER value on your domains and stop looking at fake tools like estibot or ANY automated valuation. They are all fake and bogus. Only for FOOLS! It's impossible to value a domain that way. It's a unique asset!! Assuming they have any value at all. Let's face it 80%+++ of the domains out there are real crap. They are worthless.

Rick Schwartz