Supply and Demand Hit the Domain Industry. Domain Owners Surprised!?

Morning Folks!!

I have been talking about Supply and Demand and Need, want, desire, value for a very long time. It's the foundation of business itself but domainers seem to ignore this small fact. They are not immune and we are in the midst of a "Domain Glut" whether anyone knows it or not.

The domain industry is littered with crap and great domains. The crap has pooped over everything and we are all paying the price. Some are paying a higher price. Some will be washed away.

Ask yourself the simplest of questions. "How many TENS of MILLIONS of domains are owned by domainers"? Realize that almost every one of them is for sale and 90% of those are 100% worthless.

We talk about "Exact Match Domains" but I really focus on and want to find "Exact Match Companies"! I want  "Exact Match Companies" to match up with my "Exact Match Domains".

The supply of .com domains was always UNLIMITED but folks wanted you to believe they were not. There is an infinite supply. But now we have infinity spread over the land like HORSE SHIT! Infinity x 1000.

The good news is many of these domains are going to be washed away. The carrying costs of PURE pigeon shit guarantees this. The only ones that don't know it are the Pigeon Shit farmers themselves. But they will figure it out when the bills and the rent are due. Math has a funny way of equalizing things!

The golden goose is still golden, but it has supply and demand to deal with for the foreseeable future.

With that all said we could end up seeing a very widespread domain name frenzy in the months ahead as business has to re-strategize their social media outreach, marketing and control to something they control more and that is DOMAINS!!! The future sovereignty of business DEPENDS on domain names. Business has yet to truly understand and use domains strategically. THEY WILL!! They are being FORCED to wise up!

The most common and visible examples are those that want to upgrade their .whatever to That's the #1 sector in domaining now and I expect that trend to continue. That is where we still have "Supply and Demand". The only missing link there is "Value" and that is something that comes with time and demand!

Rick Schwartz


7 thoughts on “Supply and Demand Hit the Domain Industry. Domain Owners Surprised!?

  1. Don Chepe

    “The only ones that don’t know it are the Pigeon Shit farmers themselves.”

    Hahaha! Indeed, they are farming Pigeon Shit!

    Funny enough, some of them will come here and not know that the term applies to them.

  2. BB

    The only ones making money are the companies (registrars) that are selling these new tlds. They take your money and run letting you holding a bag full of pigeon shit.

  3. Jose

    A few days ago write an email to a Domain Manager which will tell you to accept more than 1500 premium domains so that some domains that have 300 premium domains and the rest domain do not sell for $ 500.

    If I write this is because I know many of them, I’ve known them when they discovered themselves over time and the most interesting thing is that the massive sales domains sell cheap in known registrars, these pay and give a way to buy back as premium .

    Happy Day.

  4. BBBB

    Amen, domain soul brother. I, too, have given up on the .Crapollas They were not worth the digitsl paper on which they were printed.

  5. Patricia Kaehler

    Had to look just out of curiousity to see if I had any domains
    with the keywords Pigeon or SH*t in them… didn’t
    but do have alot with Farm Farmer Farming…
    I wish I had some corn on the cob – right now…


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