Sales: The Art of Persuasion​​. Then SHUT-UP!

Morning Folks!!

Sales are about the "Art of Persuasion. Persuading someone with no interest to have great interest and eventually buy. Persuasion starts with a seed followed by reason and benefit. Not the benefit of the seller, but the benefit of the buyer.

The benefit of the buyer? How do I do that? I don't even know the person. Well, you ask questions. But you have to be delicate in the way you ask those questions. Again, you must have finesse. You may even go over the line, but you can reel yourself back in.

You don't sell by pandering. Pandering means you tell folks what they want to hear even tho you know full well you are lying through your teeth. Once a salesman is caught in a lie, GAME OVER! You lose. The hard truth will Persude. A hard truth instills trust. It gives credibility and even respect. Especially if the last salesman they talked to looking at whatever they were shopping for did not disclose whatever it is you did.

As long as a customer is asking questions and trying to stump you, you are on the path to a sale. Objections in a courtroom are not good. An objection in sales is like a steering wheel. You can't make a sale without it. You want them to throw everything including the kitchen sink at you. Once they run out of ammo, you got the sale. Just ask.

Selling is so easy once you learn to stop selling. Your job is to be factual, not to sell. Your job is to answer questions, not to sell. Your job is to expose your own weak points before the customer discovers them, not to sell. Your job only comes at the end. If you do your job well, the sale is as easy as asking for it at the very end. And when they say yes, and they will, SHUT-UP and WRITE!

Most so-called salespeople lose the sale after they have it! Why? They TALKED!! A good salesperson will never open his or her mouth again until the transaction is complete. SHUT-UP!!

The gTLD guys got me as their gadfly. WHY? Because they are some of the biggest liars, I have ever seen in sales in my life and I wanted to clearly separate myself from it. Have you EVER heard a gTLD guy expose their own weak points? Have you ever seen them explain the headwinds they might face or the pitfalls? The leaks? The 150 other Achilles heals I have exposed over the years? Nope! And that is why they will fail. They dd not persuade. They LIED and LIED and LIED! Lying is weak. It's also deceitful.

And since everyone is a friend, they just stand by and allowed it. They participated or turned a blind eye. They encouraged. The domain name industry was hijacked. The hijackers are dropping like flies now. Consolidation is happening and many will and ARE dying on the vine as I predicted. The truth always surfaces and the truth is the biggest persuader there is.

So, just like I can see the EXACT MOMENT that a salesperson loses the sale, I can also see the exact moment that this "Thang" all went to hell.

A Sale is about persuasion. Politics is about persuasion. Dating is about persuasion. Life is about persuasion. But if you LIE in any of those situations, YOU LOSE, and it all falls apart!! Wise-up!

Rick Schwartz