In Business, you have to Play Offense as well as Defense!

Morning Folks!!

So how can you tell a company is going to go out of business when they are barely in business? Pretty simple for me. It's football. And in football you have an offense and a defense. You need both to win games.

In business, your offense is sales and marketing. Companies that minimize that scare me! Nobody survives without sales. But some will even argue that point. DUH!

The other is defense. Defend your name and brand and market share in the marketplace. Companies that minimize that scares me too. A company with no sales quarterback loses. A company with no defense loses.

So, if you have a company that is bad at both.....FORGET ABOUT IT! That's why it is so easy to pick out the losers. They are the low hanging crap not fruit.

The defense part is what I focus on with new GTLD's. May as well get a neon billboard saying "I am going to increase my chances of failing and I am going to ignore all and every pitfall." "I have no defense and, I have no backup plan. I am just going to close my eyes and believe it's not there." DUH!

The defense is any type of leaks. On the Internet, leaks come in the form of typos, confusion and poor advertising materials.

And of course, as a defensive move, you have to prevent interceptions like the debacles. Had been a business competitor, that would be like throwing an interception. A sale destined for your company ends up in the hands of your competition. What could be worse in business?? NOTHING! I am sure some fool will argue that point as well.

So, there you are, business made simple. News flash, you can't bowl a perfect 300 game without strikes! You can't score a touchdown without sales, and you can't prevent your competitor from eating your lunch if you throw interceptions you by not following the simplest, most common, most basic rules of business.

As a captain of YOUR business, ANY LEAK has to be discovered and known. They may not all be able to be fixed, but a captain that ignores leaks and PRETENDS they are not there is a fool and his ship or business is destined to sink!

Rick Schwartz