Need, Want, Desire, Value, Demand, Timing & Location

Morning Folks!

Sales need several elements. Without those elements there are no sales. If there is no sales there is no profit, there is no business, there is nothing. Sales don't happen on their own. You have to have the proper ingredients to make a sale. To make a spark. To ignite the will of an unknown third party.

Need, Want, Desire, Value, Demand, Timing, Location. Those are the filters that any idea, good, product or service has to pass for it to be valuable and sustainable. Maybe you don't have to have all of them, but if you have none of them, you got zilch.

And all those filters come after your audience size is determined. It's all about MATH. Targeting an audience is great, but if it is too narrow an audience, you may not have much.

In domaining, and with our domains we want to start with the largest audience we can. We don't want to narrow it down, but we do want to target. There is a difference.

Again, sales are about finesse. this time in understanding the difference between targeting and limiting.

AutoParts(.)com is wide. UsedAutoParts(.)com is wide and targeted. AshevilleUsedAutoParts(.)com starts to limit you geographically. MazdaUsedAutoParts(.)com is limited in a different way. But probably more targeted than the geo in this case.

Limiting more might be mazdabumpers(.)com So now your audience must own a Mazda, be looking for a bumper for that Mazda and realize that most bumpers are sold via the dealership, the body shop or the insurance company. Where does that leave you on the totem pole? Add "used" in front and you limit that audience more.

Do the math. Domain investing is about simple math. It's a bit of an equation if you are willing to do the digging a few layers down. On this example, it was all the outlets before them that would get the bumper business. The dealer, the body shop, the insurance company, the local junk yard. Virtually nothing might filter down to the mazdabumper guy.

However, he could have used something better than that. MazdaParts(.)com for example. Much wider even th0 heavily targeted. But the top of the tree and the foundation of the tree remain AutoParts(.)com. Your job is to figure how to climb that tree and get the largest targeted audience you can create via the domain name.

And if you are the MazdaBumper guy and instead of getting MazdaBumper(.)com you get you are again throwing a wrench into your future by losing some of the little if any you got to begin with. Who can afford that?

And, if you can't do this math, then you have no way to actually value your own domains. It's all about math and sales.

Domaining is about getting in front of somebody else's Need, Want, Desire, Value, Demand, Timing, Location. Putting yourself in the right place, waiting for the right time and THEM!

After you do all that, you still have to have something profitable to sell. That's the key equation. How much profit? It's all related. It's a formula. It's an equation. It's just math.

So if you're not too good at math, and sales ain't your thang, and you don't study history and business basics is not your strong suit you are gonna have one hell of a time finding success in domain investing.

Rick Schwartz