Doom and Gloom and a Pot of Gold

Morning Folks,
In the past couple weeks I have tried to articulate the perils we face. I
believe this is where we are at. It took me a long time to figure it out. I
think things can get dramatically worse and if another attack were to come it
would be economically devastating.
But the one thing I keep coming back to, if I had ONE asset to get me thru
whatever we are going to face, it is domains. Income producing domains. The most
versatile asset ever invented.
You get on a plane to another country and they ask you if you are carrying
more than $10,000 in cash and other instruments? Domains worth millions are
invisible to the naked eye. You can take them wherever you go and when you get
frisked, they won't find them. You don't have to hollow out your heel and fill
them with diamonds.
So a 'Unique opportunity in time' has now turned into a 'Unique Asset in
time.' So all I can say is with everything we are about to face, few will have
the luxury of being as nimble as we are. You can operate an empire from an
So I will say this about buying domains in 2009. If
you can't get stats and daily earnings and a really good projection of how many
years to get your $$$ out of a mid price domain, pass and find one you can. Each
purchase is important from here on out. Buy assets not liabilities. There IS a
Have a GREAT day!
Rick Schwartz