Toxic Domains and Pablo Picasso

Morning Folks!!
We have heard about toxic assets that the banks have on their books, this
is about toxic domains that domainers have on their books. Domains that are liabilities, not assets. I have long said that
the FIRST domain you buy is the most important. So if you had the chance to
start over again right now would you do it? Would you do it better?

Well you have that opportunity right here, right now. Forget about
yesterday's failures and focus on today's success. The first thing is to STOP.
Stop and take a deep breath. Stop and then start again but believe it is your
first domain. Believe this is the most important purchase ever. Believe this is
so important that you can't screw up. Believe you have to work for the next 30
days just to find it. Believe it, do it, repeat it. Leave the failures of
yesterday behind. Start anew. Build that side of the equation up to balance the
other half. You don't need thousands. You need dozens. Walk away from this
downturn with real quality. You can buy art from an unknown and pay whatever.
But if you have an opportunity to buy a Picasso, the rewards will be much
greater. The satisfaction will be much greater. You will find just a few
Picasso's will trump walls full of art. Buildings full of art.

Accumulate $$$ and in 2009 focus on a Picasso. They will be out there. They
will be on sale. The value will always be there and that Picasso will be
priceless in time. So for those that say they came to the game late, opportunity
is coming your way. Circumstance will allow you to buy a Picasso. But first, you
must know what a Picasso is.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz