It’s all about the INCOME!

Morning Folks!!
My dad who would have been over 100 years old once told me a story
that I have never forgotten. It was a simple story. It was during the
depression. Everyone was unemployed. The only food you would eat is what you may
have stolen or won in a craps game in the alley. It was a really tough time.
Comparing today to that is really not on the mark. My dad told me about one guy
who lived ok during that time. He would rent places for pennies. A couple
pennies here, a few pennies there. All day he would collect those pennies. What
separated him was income. No matter how small, active income is your single best
hedge against what is coming. Not Cash, not gold, not silver, not oil.

Now that even domainers are taking this crisis seriously there is much talk
about investing in gold, buying foreign currency and alike. If governments begin
to lose control some very ugly things can happen. Things I won't even write but
you sure as hell can't stop me from thinking about.

The best hedge against everything we are about to go thru is INCOME. Income
trumps dollars saved. Lots of people have lost many millions in the
last few months. I am hearing many stories about filthy rich people that are
months away from being on the street. These are real stories and they are not

Lean and mean is the way to survive. All recurring bills that are not
needed should be canceled. Any overhead that you can cut turns a liability into
income and that translates to more buying power and a stronger position. There is nobody that knows how all this will manifest itself. We are
still just entering very dangerous waters. The full fury of the storm has yet to
hit. The only way to survive and thrive is to be a few steps ahead of things.
Have income that comes in at the worst of times. If that spigot shuts down,
collapse is not far behind.

Have a GREAT Day
Rick Schwartz