Stupid Superbowl ads may piss some off

Morning folks!!

It is not in vogue to piss away money. The days of lavish
corporate spending has been suspended until further notice. Do you put an ad
on for the Superbowl or lay off workers? THAT may have been the choice in some

So now ads have much more meaning than ever before. If the
public views your ad as wasteful, they are not going to reward you. That ad may
actually cost you customers. Ego stroking ads are just not going to fly. And if
a company does go there, it better be knee slapping funny.

These are the most important ads ever. Not for doing more
business but to see if the corporate heads and Madison Ave have their heads on
their shoulders or their heads stuck up another part of their anatomy. Nobody
can afford to put on a dud and branding needs to take a back seat to solid
results. Their stockholders will be watching!

The football game is a sideshow for me this year. This is one
year where the ads are going to be scrutinized in a manner never before done. A
company could be massacred by the media if they screw up or are seen in a
negative light. All I can say, BIG GAMBLE! Good Luck!

And whichever group GoDaddy's ads ends up, a big thanks for
bringing domains into every living room in the world once again!

Have a GREAT day!
Rick Schwartz