Rick unleashed on Auctions….Wrap up

Morning folks!!

Interesting that out of the 3 part series that the #3 post had
the most readers. #1 sets things up, the meat of the posts are in post #2 and
that was the least read. Go figure.

I had a very constructive conversation with Moniker yesterday
as well. I think they get it. They know what they need to do and I am confident
that they heard the message. I hope every auction house heard it. We are really
coming to a pivotal moment in time.

See while Howard and I host the auctions at T.R.A.F.F.I.C., we don't
run the auctions. So it is not like we can snap our fingers and change things.
But we sure as hell can influence the direction and this is the best way to do
it at this important moment.

With that in mind let me announce that there will only be two auctions in Silicon
Valley. Moniker will have the Premiere spot and be joined by Rick Latona
Auctions. Both know what is on the line. Both know that this is an opportunity
for each. Both know what you and I know. There is a healthy competition that has
formed here and both companies know how much is at stake. That competition will
save the day.

Domainers still have their role. Stop sending hundreds of
domains for review. Send a few that are with comprehensive info. Do you think
anyone really wants to go thru a list of 100 or 1000 domains? Do you really
think that increases your chances of getting a domain in the live auction? If
you really think a domain belongs in the LIVE part of the auction then stats
should go without even saying. This is a monumental job to begin with so it's
really time to do this the right way.

The key as I explained in the posts is to focus on quality
domains. There will be more quality domains changing hands in the next year or
two than ever before. Some for incredible prices. Incredibly expensive and
incredibly cheap. Recessions are good for pawn shops and even better for auction
houses. If we are not prepared for so many great domains coming to market we
will all miss out.

People notice I have not bought any domains lately. That is
very true. And there is a reason. We are coming into a period where your money
is about to have great buying power. But timing is everything. Circumstance is
everything else. Combined they equal opportunity.

In closing, all I can say is that we as an industry have to
take a step back. A deep breath. We have to strengthen our weak points and
reinforce the strong. The center of the industry is not growing. The peripheral
parts are. The professionals are in danger of being drowned out by the new
masses that follow no rules and have no boundaries. We see many companies
getting weaker. We will also see many companies getting stronger.

The financial chaos we are in upsets business as usual. That
is what creates the opportunity. That is why we are in a time where things will
change so fast that you will think 2009 was 10 years long. But it will fly by
and with it will fly away the opportunity. So pay keen attention. This is a
period to dare to do something great. Dare to come out of 2009 stronger than
when it began. For me, getting stronger is adding key domains to my
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Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz