Rick unleashed on the Auctions. Just a Preview….

Morning folks!!

I am going to post a blistering commentary on the domain auctions this coming week. Here is the tip of the iceberg and the thing that set me off among many others:

'When you have a $20,000 reserve and the opening bid is
$20,000 that is no auction, That is a PRICE TAG!! It's nonsense! It's a waste
of time and likely did not return the seller the best return if any at all nor did it create any bids other than perhaps one. But you don't need an auction or an auctioneer for that one bid, you need a cash register! Auctions are about momentum, defining value and sales. Now it is time to do the auctions the right way and I
feel pretty qualified to speak out on this.'
Times are way too dire to worry about ruffling feathers of some auctioneer who knows nothing about domains and tells a qualified audience just how great each one is regardless of the quality. EVERY auctioneer is guilty of this so I am not singling out anyone. So get ready for a post that will change the game and shine a light on the deficiencies.
Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz


Do you Really Think Outside the Box? Can you define it?

Morning folks!!

'It's not so bad now and the storm won't be terrible.' Does that mean the captain of a ship does not have life
preservers on board, life rafts and an evacuation plan?

'The sky is clear and the sun is shining.' Does that mean the captain does not check the
weather forecast?

'Some are predicting it will miss us completely.' Does that mean that you
don't continue to check the weather forecast?

'My ship is in great shape and I am not worried.' Does that mean the captain does not need a crew? Does it mean something can't fail at a critical time? Does it mean the captain should not be prepared for as many pitfalls as possible. Does it mean he should carry no spare parts or emergency flares?

The point is nobody is smart enough to predict how bad things will get with
any certainty or even if they will get that bad. So you have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. It's
your job. Stick your tongue out to that tornado heading your way. But if it
injures a loved one do you think your attitude may change?

I have 2 motorcycle helmets at home. I have no motorcycle. Everyone laughs at me. But they can
laugh. I am prepared. I know when a tornado strikes or during a hurricane that the #1 cause of death
is head injury. Do you think I am going to apologize for being prepared?
Laughter comes with the territory. They laughed much harder when I announced I
had bought 18 domains at $100 a pop. They must have laughed their asses off when
the first guy started carrying a spare tire with his brand new car.
I am building a new house. It has a 'Safe Room.' Better to have one when the house is built than wishing for one when you need it. It doesn't require much money. It requires preparation and forethought. I hope I never have to use it. But I learned long ago in life that hoping and crossing ones fingers doesn't have much power.

So being ahead of the masses comes with ridicule. But who cares, that
ridicule comes from the masses and that is why they stay the masses. You can't
think out of the box when your entire life is being a prisoner inside that box.
Conform with others. Welcome to the box. Don't make waves. Welcome to the box.
Don't do this and don't do that because someone may think this or may think
that. Welcome to the box. Cave into peer pressure. Welcome to the box.

Want to be successful? Learn to use your middle finger when you hear the
BS. Learn to tune it out. Learn to feel sorry for those that are trapped. Take
the ridicule as fuel. Take the laughter as incentive. Take the sneers as a badge
of success. Just don't ever conform to their standards or you too will be
trapped. The gravitational pull of the box is so strong, it is a full time job
just to stay free of that orbit. I'll close with this: 'It's never right to do
wrong and it is never wrong to do right' or is it an 'Eye for an eye?' One of them says, 'Welcome to the box.'

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz