First Results From a Grand Experiment

Morning folks!!
Timing is everything. If you are selling mens ties in
Manhattan and your store is inside the subway station do you really think you
can open at 10am like other retail stores? I say you would be a fool to do that.
Why? Because the most likely time of day to sell that tie is early in the
morning on their way to work. So if your business model has you closed from
6am-10am I would argue that you are losing a good chunk of your business.

Same with blogs. There is a lot to learn about blogging. There
are also some things you can learn from newspapers. Again, there is a reason
they don't have papers come out at 10am. Too late. Your audience is paying
attention from 5am -9am on their way to work or while having breakfast or
while perhaps you are in the bathroom.

They pay attention again in the afternoon and evening. That is
the reason papers have editions. At least they did in the old days. Morning
edition, evening edition and special editions, So if you are a blogger and you
want to tap into the audience the a key factor is the time of day you publish
it. The other key factor is the headline.

Few will ever break out of their small audiences. Me included.
There are millions of folks talking and growing. The more it grows, the less
time to read. So billions on a soap box looking for an audience.

So why am I blogging again? Well there are a number of
reasons. If I were to tell you all of them it would screw up the test. I can say
this. I am learning a whole lot. I am a numbers guy and I follow stats to draw a
picture. A mural to me is one filled with numbers and days and times and
subjects. Art to me is different. The numbers paint the art that I focus on. So
I am testing and experimenting and I am discovering many things. You as an
audience are the artists. I just try to interpret what unfolds. How long does
this or any test last? Until it is over. Until it gets to stagnation. Until it
runs its' course and paints the picture. Some tests run for minutes and hours.
Most last for several weeks or months.

So thank you for being part of this grand experiment. I hope
at least I am giving you something back in return.
Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz