Who Really Said it? Just to set the record straight…..

Morning Folks!!
If you repeat something that is not factual long enough does it become Fact? I have read in countless places something that just is not accurate and has been repeated for many years as fact. It is time to share the events that led to that. I hope you will indulge me while I tell you the real story as it really went down.

Over the years there has been much discussion about a quote I made that has
been attributed to Bill Gates. The quote: 'Domains will go up faster in value
than any other commodity ever known to mankind.' Did Bill Gates really say that?

In a word, No and as the late Paul Harvey would say 'Here is the rest of the

First, that is my
quote. Been saying it since 1996. Now I will reveal how this quote got
attributed to Bill Gates. Back about 7 or 8 years ago maybe a year earlier or a
year later there were a group of us chatting on my board one night. As the
conversation winded down there were just 2 of us. That member asked me if it was
okay to post it and attribute the quote to Bill Gates? Figuring the quote did not mean much
coming from Rick Schwartz, I said 'Sure, why not?' Judging by a response from a student domainer on DNForum yesterday who was trying to verify this quote for a paper he was writing. What he actually did was verifiy that the quote would not mean much coming from me. He posted: 'Thanks Rick for the 'real story', I like the sentence, but I won't be able to use it, as the French
audience I'm targeting (novelists, business people, University
professors, etc.) do not know you.'
The person that posted this wherever he did years ago is someone who may decide to
come forward at some point. Somebody many of us know and it took me many years to
remember who it was. (I think) So I have no idea how that would
even be done, but he did it and it surprisingly has circulated and become fact from what I thought was a silly one time post somewhere. Either way, that is the REAL story just to set the record
straight and for historical purposes long after we are all dead. But if the quote sounds better from Bill Gates and does more for the domain industry, so be it.
Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz