Toys to Men, Dot com that is…..

Morning Folks!
!n 2004 I sold for $1.3M. It was during the darkest days the domain
industry has known. It was a big sale and covered around the world. Fast Forward
to last week and the sale of It was not the most expensive domain ever
sold but certainly is one of the most important. is a mega sale. Not so
much because of the name which of course is great but because of the buyer. The domain name now in the hands of the people that should have bought it years and
years ago. Like so many things in history things just end up where they are
supposed to be in the first place. and Toys 'R' us is a marriage that
should have happened in the last century. Better late than never. A great wrong
has been righted.

But it will be this sale of that
circulates through every board room in the universe. It will be this
that ignites a new outlook and will have many companies
revisiting this subject. Why did they buy this domain now? One
word......'Survival.' That is why bad economic times come with a silver lining.
THIS is the time to do bold things. This is the time and this sale is going to
be a game changer. Another mile marker. Another milestone as we enter the 4th
quarter of a 20 year plan. Don't underestimate the power and importance of this sale. It says more than I have or can ever say. It will be the sale that is pointed to where destiny and domains finally came to meet for all the world to see.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz