Welcome to the Golden Era of Domaining. Before the 20 Year Plan

Morning Folks!!
'Folks that lose their job have the opportunity to find their
calling.' is something I heard yesterday and it is a very concise way of saying
something very complicated.

When I look at my own circumstances and my own personal
economic depression it also became the turning point of my entire life. Until
1984 I had made many people very rich as I worked for 2 companies that through
my sweat and traveling to the point of actually living on the road, became
wealthy. I believed I would be rewarded for my efforts. When you work for
someone they do everything to cut your wings and not pay you your value. That
was my story. They both thought they could do what I did and save the expense.
So they did. Cut the expense that is.

The first company I left on my own accord because I had to beg for money due me month after month and year after year. So I joined the
competition after a 5 year stint. It was war. We fought over account after
account from coast to coast and boarder to boarder. The battle lasted 18 months.
Company #1 doors closed.

When that event occurred it allowed us to grow company #2
quickly. Then they caught the same disease. After 4 years we signed a long term
contract. The contract was designed for them to pay me less. However as they cut
my wings I had provisions put in for levels of success they knew would be impossible to achieve.

Well I achieved those goals in 9 months so instead of paying
me and honoring the contract, they tossed me out the door because they found
some pipe smoking guy in the industry who promised them everything but in 55
years never held a job more than 2 years. Their greed was rewarded less than 2
years later. The company collapsed and went out of business. But that was the
last time I ever worked for anyone.

I was given my opportunity to find my calling and that was
what I did. The next 3 weeks were the most miserable and depressing of my life.
I was never without a job since I was 16. Plus I did not want a job. I wanted an
OPPORTUNITY. What is the difference? A job has a ceiling and a boss. An
opportunity has no boundary. That would be 25 years ago. I learned more in 1
week working for myself than in years of working for others. It was a true
awakening. All coming from the worst days and the deepest dark.

Point is over the last months I have articulated how bad
things are not to scare but to motivate and make you aware. There is more
opportunity out there right this second than in any other second since the first
dino roamed the earth. Most won't believe that and they will laugh. That is why they are
the masses. I mean even birds know the best eating of worms is after the storm.
So it is up to you not to be trapped by conditions but embrace those
conditions. Exploit those conditions. You have to fight the natural tendency to
contract. Everyone has been contracting and getting smaller. Never do what the
masses do. That is why they are the masses. You don't have to be that smart,
just always consider doing the opposite and you'll be in pretty good shape.

From the greatest adversity comes the greatest achievements.
Approach this downturn the right way and it will become your best days. It is so
simple they should make it illegal.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz