Einstein with a Mac and a Domain Name

Morning Folks!!

I wonder what Einstein could have done had he been in his prime today? Einstein with a computer and a website. Ben Franklin with the all the things he invented. Christopher Columbus with a GPS. Alexander Grahm Bell with an iphone. Each day we follow in the footsteps and along the path that they forged. They did it with such little to work with. Then again, that may have been their strength. connecting the early dots. Who knows? Certainly they would be taken back by how their contributions have changed the world.

Let's face it, we are a bunch of lightweights compared to these heavyweights of history. A bunch of pussies. I also think they may have been ordinary. Some folks are stronger in their abilities at the beginning. What do I mean. Well a great builder of homes may not be a great decorator. What he does is build homes. That is his strength. It does not necessarily translate. But I do believe these great men would be great men in any era. So with that as a basis you start to wonder what could these builders of civilization do with the tools of today? What could they have achieved? Are we worthy to carry the mantle? How much has been lost in translation? For example the difference in folks that need a calculator to add, subtract, multiply and divide and those that go thru a mental process in their head. Both may have the same answer, but the way they got there was totally different.So I see differences and similarities where others do not.

We are already past where those four men were the minute we wake up in the morning because of the gift they left all of us. So when I look to history and these men in particular it gives me great strength and also illustrates why I keep saying patience is the key. My job, your job is to accelerate the future. Because none of us will be alive to see how the Internet will evolve in the next 100 years.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz