The Greatest Cover up in History…….

Morning Folks!!

I try and stay away from politics but each day politics and business are
getting more intertwined and frankly, it scares the shit outta me. I don't like
what I see. What I see is the greatest cover ups in the history of the country.
Let me first say there is plenty of blame to go around and there will be a time
to discuss that. Both parties have screwed us. Especially Congress.

How about what got us here and that is the mortgage problem brought to you
by Barny Frank and Chris Dodd? Now of course these two CROOKS are in charge of
fixing the problem that they themselves made. That is an impossibility. But hey
that is just the Frank/Dodd cover up. I doubt they will be calling for hearings
on themselves.

Then there is Bernie Madoff today. Fine he pleas. But what does he really
do? He really bypasses a trial and we will never know all the story. Why is that
important? Because the SEC did not do their job and if there is a trial guess
who gets embarrassed? I don't know the answer, but I guarantee there are dozens
that are implicated and many are elected or appointed government people. But hey
that is just Madoff and that cover up and it's only 60 billion or so.

Where to next? Let's go back to the future with Bush and Paulson and TARP.
That one makes me so sick let's just agree that's another cover up. Where's the

Fast forward and we have been saved with a stimulus package that nobody in Congress
read. The largest spending bill in the history of mankind and nobody took the
time to read it?? I call that 'Congressional Malpractice.' This cover up scares
me a lot. The seeds planted here have to be funded forever. Many of the expenses
are on going long after the current problems are gone and that will likely
produce another crisis.

Unfortunately many people don't pay close attention to politics. They hear
tidbits. Some are fact, some are not. Few care. They just repeat. And so the
news media has gone to entertainment and the news we get is driven by a
reporters point of view which may be a view or agenda pushed by management. This
is a dangerous cover up because a press that has an agenda is no press at all. A
reporter has to stay on the trail no matter where the truth leads and agendas
completely defeat that.This cover up is dire.

So we all know we are spending trillions we don't have. But I want to pose
a question that I never heard asked. We know our current national debt is $10
trillion on the way to wherever. But if we would be doing a budget at home we
would look at our debt as well as our assets. My question is what is the value
of the assets of The United States Government? Last I heard the government owned
Yellowstone Park. What's the value of thousands of square miles of pristine
land? Yosemite? How much gold is actually in Fort Knox? How much cash is on
hand? How much is the Washington Monument worth? How many buildings does the
government own? What is the value? I could go on. You get the picture. But as a
numbers guy I really would like to see that side of the equation. How can you
really know how bad things are without knowing?

At the end of the day they are going to print more money, we will have run
away inflation and the only way to fix that is with higher taxes. Much higher
taxes. So then you as a domainer have to readjust your equation. PPC goes down,
equation changed. Registration prices rise, equation changed. Ad rates lower,
equation changed. Tax rate rises, fees rise, hidden taxes rise, prices rise,
equation changed.

None of us know the result of all the things we see changing with any
certainty. But we sure as hell can pay close attention and vocalize the sights
along the way. This whole thing is like an Evil Knievel motorcycle jump and
without a lot of forethought and practice, I just don't know how you make the
leap without changing life as we know it? Without risking everything. There is
still such a thing called 'Survival of the fittest' It is the oldest law of man. I mean there is a difference between helping and supporting. You can't
save everyone. If that was what we did as a civilization, all the dead people in
graves would be on life support instead. What a picture that would be!

What do you think about things? Is wealth redistribution here? Are things getting better or worse where you live? What are the things you are looking for to define success? What are the things you are looking for to define failure? Are you angry? Are you happy? Are you confused? Are you all and more?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz