Are you a”Domainer” or a”Businessman?”

Morning folks!!

Are you a 'Domainer' or a 'Businessman?' Some ask why I am so focused on the general economy? My answer is why are
they not?

Some folks are domainers. That's it. Domainers. That's fine. I am one too.
But I sure don't stop there. Far more are business people first and domainers
second. I would fall into the latter group. Domains are a vehicle. A vehicle to
help you make money and grow. But does it really matter what form that vehicle
comes in if it helps you make more money and grow? I believe not. I will be a
domainer until I find something better. I will be a businessman until they plop
me in the grave.

I see two things developing in domaining and it is similar to the general
population. The weak are getting weaker and the strong are getting stronger.
However I do see some strong getting weak. Some companies we know I believe are
in trouble or soon to be. The equation has changed and you can't play this game
with an outdated equation. So in the next few months we will see how many
companies adapt and how many either fold or get swallowed up by someone

Those that have good portfolios and businesses that are recoiling are
making a huge mistake. Domains are becoming the center of the new economy in a
way some of us have dreamed about. We are finally entering the final stage and
what is about to unfold will be shocking. I have long talked about domains as an
overnight success that took 20 years. This downturn is a buoy for domains. They
WILL emerge as the multifaceted investments they really are. The domain is the
land rights. The traffic is the location rights. The revenue is the mineral
rights. The revenue is the dividends the banks no longer give. The revenue is
safety. The revenue is portable. The land rights are portable. Shall I go on? We
have built in advertising rights. We have built in audiences. The reason so few
understand domains is it is just too much for most to see because the simplicity
makes them crazy. So NEVER has it been more important not to second guess great

I have spent months meditating. Figuring out how hundreds of different
scenarios play out each time looking for weak points in my strategy and other
safe havens. I have yet to find a single anything that can compare to the domain
name. If I did, I would follow it. What we knew then is true now and will be
true for generations. Was the earth flat until Columbus discovered it was round?
So take solace in knowing what others don't know and finally will. You can't
rush the future, you can only harness it. You can only time it. You can only use
it to your advantage if you have the patience required.

All I can say is run a lean and mean machine and you will come out of this
sitting pretty. This is not the time to pull back. This is the time to be
aggressive and land the biggest deal of your life. I watch as so many with such
little business background make huge mistakes. They are captains of a ship that
they have never sailed thru a storm. They are not sure of themselves and so they
are scared and pulling back at precisely the wrong time.

Here is what is coming:

1. Domain portfolios are going to get major haircuts in order for their
companies to survive

2. Millions of worthless domains are going to drop. Millions.

3. Many category killer domains will be coming to market

4. Fresh eyes will be looking our way.

Plenty more. The fog is starting to clear. Clarity for the next 3 years is
starting to take shape. Gonna be the toughest time in generations. But as I keep
repeating, opportunity for our sector will never be better. Survival is a
wonderful thing. Trying to survive allows folks to explore. Explorers will land
on domains at some point and figure out. 2+2=4. They are all searching for what
we already know. So, get to the beach, grab an umbrella and a Pina Colada, relax
and wait for the masses.

Have a GREAT Day!