Touch the World but be Patient. A Domainers Story

Morning folks!!

At the end of the day we are all trying to 'Touch the World.' Have the
world take notice. Have a great moment unlike any other. With each post, with
each new domain, with each site we develop, at the end of the day we are all
just trying to touch the world. Create a spark. A spark that carries to every
corner of the universe. Hopefully a spark that continues.

However what we want is also the ultimate challenge. Not only is it the
ultimate challenge but 6 billion people all want similar things. Millions of
videos are uploaded to Youtube every day. Of those just a handful really get
noticed. 1, 12, 100, 1000, take your pick. I generally see about 2 to 3 a day on
TV. Everyone trying to be one of those 2 or 3.

But this is not a surprise. this was expected. It took longer than I
thought it would but when exactly did the net hit critical mass? In 1995 it was
less than 10%. We came here very fast. But when was the exact date of the
tipping point? Do you know? Does anyone know? Probably not, you just realize one
day that it happened.

Domains to me always represented a way to always have an audience no matter
how intense the competition would be. The competition today is getting intense
and it will become more so. So going back to 1995 and 1996 I still remember what
it was that really kicked my ass in gear. I was sitting at a restaurant and the
table next to us was made up of 2 couples about 75 or 80 year old and they were
not discussing their bowels. They were discussing emailing their grandchildren.
That was th day that things really hit for me and I realized that the
convergence of the young and old would create that critical mass in a really
quick amount of time. I also looked at my mom and dad who communicated with
their grand daughter via email.

So this may seem all elementary today but if you were a shoe salesman
before folks wore shoes you would understand what it is like when you see
everyone in the world wearing those shoes.

I also remember dreaming that one day I would be in Times Square and every
billboard would be a dot com. That day happened in September of 2000. Even then
folks were starting the great race. When I walked through the area that night, I
was just tearful. Tears ran down my chheks. It was really uncontrollable. To see
something like this manifest itself so quickly and been such a long shot to have
even happened proved to me that we were on a journey unlike any other. The greatest race in the history of mankind had begun and this time virtually
everyone in the universe could participate.

So you ask yourself questions and you seek answers. You plan not for then,
you plan way down the line. Maybe 20 years when everyone can understand what we
have done, what we have built, what we have created. What has changed life as we
know it. Then folks ask what can they do with their new power? BANG! Ordinary
people creating extraordinary things. First one, then another, then another and
so it goes.

The single biggest mistake any of us makes is timing. Folks want things to
happen on their time line. It does not happen like that. You can't force time
you need to adjust to time. If you don't, frustration and anger becomes the
bi-product. So take a deep breath, dial it back a couple notches, take a few
steps back and take a real look around you. Things are changing so fast that you
may need to re calibrate.

We all want to touch the world, but it will most likely happen when we
don't expect it. When we don't plan for it. It happens when you just do what you
do and do it well.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz