BREAKING: Rick Schwartz wants to Sell the Domain Industry to Microsoft for $8 Billion. REALLY!

Morning Folks!

You may laugh, but this is no joke. I am serious. This is an idea that I have carried with me for well over 3 years. Ask around and see.

In 2006 we were in Silicon Valley when I
first had this idea.
I shared it the last night of the show with folks like Larry and Ari
and Marc and others like Franky and Kevin and all that would listen. I
explained it is easier to make a $5 billion sale than it is a $5 Million
sale at this level because it is
more meaningful. More impactful because of the instant marketshare. Who wants
to negotiate 100,000 separate contracts? But bring the big group of domain
investors to the table and that becomes a much easier job. A much easier sale. A much more attractive package.

Hey Microsoft, wanna buy the whole Domain Industry for $8 Billion?

Microsoft, Give me one hour of
your time and I will show you mathematically how to grab the biggest piece of
market share you can buy for the bucks and at the same time take the best most
potent traffic away from the competition and secure the future. Why rent when you can own? Why pay out
billions year after year after year leasing the traffic when you can own the
asset and those mineral rights?

How much is 1% more of the market worth?? How much do you think you will spend to get that 1%? Then on to 2%, 3% etc. How many YEARS or DECADES will that take?

So Microsoft, let me sell you the
domain Industry for $8 billion. Let me sell you the most prized collection of
keywords on the planet. Let me organize the biggest domain sale in history. Let's change the dynamics.

Call me. Email me. Not one other
thing that you can do to take so much of the market away overnight. Nothing. If there was, you would have done it. Not even 1.5% or you would have done it. Keep trying or secure that
market forever. Bing is great but
it needs a booster rocket and the domains can do that in such a way that boosts
yourselves and hurts the competition with one stoke of the pen. It will take
years and decades to do what you want to do. Maybe. Nothing to write home about so far and as my past posts suggest, I am a big fan. But with this deal, I can
show you with numbers how you can turn the tide…..NOW….TODAY……GAME CHANGER.

It took a lot of years to get
Microsoft to TRAFFIC. I sure am glad some of them ended in the limo with
Your only risk is a great success beyond anything those meetings will be
producing. Give me a few minutes and a spreadsheet. Business is tough, why not focus on the obvious? Numbers don’t lie. Even in a depressed market the numbers work.

Have a GREAT Day
Rick Schwartz