My 3 Favorite Men of History…Franklin, Twain and Einstein. Who are yours?

Morning Folks!!

This was supposed to be my Friday post but with all the happenings, I had to delay it.

If you had a choice and could hook up with 3 men of history
who would you choose? For me the answer is crystal clear. While I can name a
dozen more, the 3 I would choose would be Ben Franklin, Mark Twain and Albert
Einstein. Those 3 are already my guiding light. I look to them for answers all
the time. Ben Franklin probably the most.
Why these 3? I think for obvious reasons. But together they make a very well
rounded group of advisors. The inventor, the plain spoken and the genius. Add
more? Sure. Let’s put Thomas Edison in there. Henry Ford. Andrew Carnegie and
Hemingway to keep things fun and interesting.

Of today? Let’s start with Tony Robins. Who was the one that
started me on this journey back in
1993. Donald Trump who may be a
lot of things, but he gets it right nearly every time. Steve Forbes who understands the
economy possibly better than anyone.

So a tip of the hat to all these men of history and those to
Who are your people of history? Some may be the same. Many
will be different. As soon as I post this I will think of many more that belong
here. But there are the first that come to mind and these are the ones I look
to the most for answers to complex questions.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz