Chapter 1 and Chapter 3…..The Cover up? The First Chapter, The Current Chapter

Morning Folks!!

One thing I have always learned in life is the cover up is
worse than the crime. We have all learned that. At least we were supposed to
learn that the first time you told your parents a lie. You lied about something
stupid. I can guarantee it. We barely got punished for the bad thing we did
because the lie trumped the bad thing 1000 times over. We have seen it in politics countless times, the coverup is almost always worse than the initial crime.

What can I tell you other than my personal opinion and views and what folks out there are wondering right now? I hear domainers everywhere asking if there is a massive cover up
going on in this industry as I write this? Sorry, that is how it looks and that is the topic I see time and time again. NOBODY of
authority is coming forward. They are all hiding under their desks and sending
out a “Mouthpiece of coordination” that I never seemed to of heard of before the other
day when he made the mistaken post below before it was removed and everyone saw it.
Now he is famous.

understanding is you will primarily speak for the company in these
forums. To that end, let’s coordinate closely on what’s being said and
how to reply.
Let me know if you have questions from here. Thanks.'

Well I have not heard many replies to what is being asked have you. None at all other than putting back online what they removed. They say it only went back 24 months and others say it went back a lot longer. That is just one thing I could point to and domainers strongly voiced their OPINIONS and Oversee did what they were FORCED to do not because it was the right thing in MY opinion and that of others.

Have you read thesettlement contract? You waive so many rights I don't have enough room to post and I am no lawyer. But I will below* and if you sign it before the facts come to light, I just want to ask one question.....Did you actually read it and ask a competent lawyer what the ramifications are??

Trust. That’s what this industry is built on and it has been
breeched, business goes on as usual and I think it sucks! As we see from that 'Smoking gun' above. Domainers are wondering if a cover up may have started from the get go? If others are involved and when are they going to come forward? How many are in legal jeopardy and is that why there is silence? It looks more and more so all the time. Again, that is my opinion and those I hear expressed in both public and private conversations. We are all wondering the same things and their ain't no way to coordinate and control that unless you start
suing your own customers. Props and Great timing to their PR firm on that one if they were the ones to 'Coordinate' that.

On the surface it seems like they want to do the right thing but that contract is so over reaching that one only has to ask why and what are they really scared of? From outside here, it looks like they are TRAPPED in a catch 22. Damned if they do, damned if they don't. So from that perspective I feel bad. But not bad enough to ignore especially when I and others keep wondering if more are involved? Others could be in similar positions. Maybe even SYSTEMATIC! I don't know, none of us do but the contract gives strong clues imo and one of them birdies is going to sing someday.

I see that the entire industry is being tarnished. I really hate that part. Why do we have to defend and explain the indefensible? We as an industry are going to have to deal with the fallout and mess for years to come. The controversy is just starting. They gave our detractors the greatest gift in the universe.

I am really sick of making these posts. But each day the anger grows and each
day new ramifications come to light and each day new questions are being asked
and we are getting lip service or nothing at all because of the 'coordination thing' I guess. It’s just wrong imo. It is just
looking like a coordinated cover up with every passing hour and day and it started with that first post above, then the history controversy and then the lack of any answers on the simplest of questions. What
is your take? Time to stand up and DEMAND answers, not just ask for them! I would like to see them get on Youtube and tell us wtf is really going on? Who else is involved? Are other companies involved? Can't do that? I understand. But while you
protect your companies and you protect those that may be involved and while you take your TIME to answer these, I truly believe harm is being done to an industry we all love and expect to make a living from for the rest of our lives. Am I a bit upset? You bet your sweet ass I am and I hope others are as well as they start to understand the CLOUD this industry has been put under due to no fault of their own.

Sorry, that is the anger coming out that I have been trying to contain for a week now. I have said what I need to say and what I have to say. Strictly my opinion. But all based on the most recent events or lack of them and the questions being asked on the forums that are very good and going unanswered as well as new info on those boards. This is OUR industry and we will ALL be judged on this. We can either be like baseball and sweep it under the rug or have some class and backbone like Ron Jackson displayed yesterday in hisweekly sales report. Evidence that we will all be mopping this up for some time. Kudos to Ron!

'So, the way we have addressed this situation is to
put a
permanent notice on all of our annualYTD
since 2005 as well as thecurrent
for 2009, advising readers that even though
SnapNames sales listed between 2005 and October 2009
completed at the prices shown
, some buyers may have
received refunds after October 2009 of
a portion of the
original prices they paid. We have also placed an asterisk on every
SnapNames sale listed on those annual charts to refer readers to the
notice in the chart footnotes.'

So like I stated above, WE may be cleaning up THEIR mess for YEARS to come before we even know the full details and impact. This just NEEDS to be said to set the record straight and let folks outside the walls of our industry KNOW that we do NOT operate like this! That while some engage in activities that are as we have seen, the core of the domain industry is made up of solid and responsible business people that do business on a handshake because of a foundation of trust. Grab a mop and SOUNDOFF!

Rick Schwartz

*I, the undersigned, individually and jointly, for myself and my successors, assigns, trustees, partners, joint venturers, directors, officers, affiliates, associates, managers, licensees, and for any other claiming through or under each or all of them and for any person or entity with or for whom I may have purchased the above mentioned names (collectively, the “Releasors”) hereby release and forever discharge, acquit, covenant not to sue and acknowledge complete satisfaction from, SnapNames, and its past and present parent companies (including, affiliates, successors, assigns, agents, attorneys, servants, representatives, employees, independent contractors, trustees, administrators, predecessors-in-interest, insurers, partners, joint venturers, stockholders, members, directors, officers, parent companies, associated companies, holding companies, subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, associates, managers, licensees, accountants and consultants of any of the foregoing (collectively, the “Releasees”) for any and all claims, actions, arbitrations, charges, complaints, grievances, hearings, causes of action, actions, suits, damages, costs, expenses, judgments, liabilities, demands, inquiries, investigations, proceedings or suits of every kind and nature whatsoever, whether known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, previously existing, or now existing, or hereafter arising, in law or in equity (collectively, the “Claims”), which the Releasors or any of them had, may have had, or now has, from the beginning of time to today’s date against the Releasees, collectively, or any of the Releasees, individually, for or by reason of any matter whatsoever relating to the auctions for and acquisition of the Domains, including without limitation, any Claims relating in whole or in part to the bidding activity of the SnapNames user associated with the user name “halvarez” (the “Released Matters”) for damages, restitution, disgorgement, unjust enrichment, civil penalties, statutory penalties, injunctive and/or declaratory relief, whether class, individual, representative, or otherwise in nature, including costs, expenses, penalties, and attorneys fees.