Sad day in the Domain Industry. Rocked to the Core. Will Deep Throat Speak?

Morning Folks!!

I feel the worst for those
that were friends of
Nelson and were betrayed. I knew many that had his back
for many years. In the early days Nelson basically ran his entire business off
my first domain board. He was popular and had a lot of friends. I can’t imagine
how they feel.
Adam Strong gave a taste of what that must be like. Betrayal
is a bad place.

The story broke yesterday afternoon. I doubt the depth of this has been totally revealed. Damage
Control for 10 days and it has been public only for hours. Nobody gets to
“Control” where this may go. I would hope there would be an independent
investigation as this obviously is something that cost many millions. Likely more
than that with damages. It affected folks around the globe and their businesses
and the cash they had to run those businesses.

I was not a common bidder at Snap so yesterday was the very first time I heard of “Halveraz”
the 'Ghost'. But also looks like there was plenty of smoke before the fire broke
out from what I am reading. Some suggest that Nelson is just the “Fall guy.” Who knows, but it will
all come out. This is a volcano. An unfortunate volcano. Now the question, who
else, where else???? Will Nelson become “Deep Throat'? Today, THAT is the
question. What does Nelson have to say if anything? Are there any other 'Suspected Ghosts' at other venues? One thing is for sure, companies throughout the industry better clean up their act. A scandal can bring down the biggest.

I feel bad for Monte and the crew as another piece of bad luck has hit. I can't even imagine what they are going through at this point. Like I said in the title, this one is rocking the industry to the core. Like nothing any of us have seen to date.

Rick Schwartz