Rick Schwartz wants to Sell the Domain Industry to Microsoft for $8 Billion. Part 2

Morning Folks!!

If my numbers are too low, just lmk. I just needed a
starting basis. Want more, I’ll plug it in. Think I should have it a little
less, I can do that as well. It’s numbers. Numbers. The rest is all bullshit.
If I can’t get 60 minutes in front of Microsoft, not a problem. I have ETERNITY
and the WORLD right here, right now! I no longer have to be there, I can be here and make a pitch. And so I have and so I will. It's also to the industry as well. I have watched billions pissed in black holes and blue sky's and they laugh at this. Huh? It is crazy to believe something based on numbers when you can do business with clowns and magicians that can make money disappear.

Monopoly?? I don’t think so. Just would own the most prime
category killing domain name business in the universe. That is a foundation
that does not get washed back to sea each day. It stands strong regardless.

So here is how I see the pie split. Add your name and dollar amount. Minimum is $10 Million inTOTAL Valueand included must be at least one domain with a high 6 or 7 figure value.

Note to Stephen Douglas. The seller is the ultimate appraiser as he is the only one that can pullthe trigger to do a deal. It is his decision. Nobody can force him. Circumstance might, but even then, some go down with the ship. Stephen, that should answer the question you posed months ago. I have thought about it. But today the answer appeared and for me, this is it. You can't force the seller to sell. But a bargain price can force a buyer to buy. Make sense?

Again, If my numbers are too low, just lmk. I just needed a
starting basis. I am not here to tell you what your number is or should be. Give
me the one you would walk away and into the sunset. These are simply my guesses bases on assumptions I devised in my mind. Some are way off high or low. I just pulled the first names that came to mind so this is far from a complete list. Don't shoot me if I omitted you. I omitted almost everyone. lol

Kevin Ham $350,000,000
Franky $500,000,000
Scott Day $450,000,000
Lawrence Ng $350,000,000
National A1 $300,000,000
Larry and Ari $200,000,000
Rick Schwartz $150,000,000
Mike Berkens $150,000,000
Xedoc $150,000,000
Roland $200,000,000
Lonnie $100,000,000
Castello Brothers $150,000,000

Demand Media
Parked.com (Domain Inventory)

The joke will be when the domains are worth $80 Billion and that schmuck Schwartz was trying to sell us out for a paltry $8 Billion.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz