Life is Fragile. Death Watch for 2 of our Kitty Cats

Morning Folks!!

(Thanksgiving Day Update Below)

We have 7 pets. 6 cats and a dog. 4 rescued. Our oldest cat
“Bully” is 9. We just learned has cancer and is undergoing Chemo. We don’t know if he
will make it. We are waiting to see how he responds.

Bully on Left, Baby Bully on Right. Father and Son. Both Rescued. Baby was just minutes from being destroyed and even tho I was responsible for saving him, he hisses at me all the time to this very day. Good thing I am used to that.
Then on Monday “Pearl” was limping. So my wife took her to
the vet. They gave her a shot of cortisone. 24 hours later she was having
congestive heart failure which was a reaction to what they did not know existed
even tho a fairly common condition. So they had to put her in an oxygen tent and then my wife had to rush
her from the vet to the Animal Hospital. Pearl is an Abyssinian. Her little heart stopped last night but
they were able to revive her. The last we heard she is in “Very Critical”
condition. 50/50 of making it thru the night. The phone has not rung. That is
good. A bit scared to call.

Picture 696
Pearl in Back, Ruby in Front. Sisters that we just could not separate nearly 7 years ago. Proud Papa

So we are on “Death Watch” for 2 kitties today. Bully has a
son “Little Bully” and they are inseparable. We are worried about him as well.
Then “Pearl” has a sister “Ruby' and they have been together since the day they
were born. So plenty to worry about.

But the POINT of this post is just how fragile life is and
NOBODY is promised tomorrow or next hour. Life is short and delicate and
sometimes we lose sight of what is really important.

RIP Fluffy. Son of Bully, Brother of Baby. Half brother of Ebby and Blackie. Did not rescue in time.

RIP George. He would just plop down on my desk and I would have to work around him.

Cruise 018
Ebby. Same mother as Baby Bully. Sister to Blackie.

Blackie. Sister of Ebby. Half sister to Baby Bully and half or full sister to Fluffy

Freddy. He runs the place and let's us live here with him. ;-)
Have a great holiday. Enjoy your families. Stop and smell
the roses! Maybe a couple prayers.

Rick Schwartz

Update. Pearl survived the night. She was given a 50/50 chance of making it until this morning.
Update. Bully Goes in for 2nd round of Chemo in 1 hour. Being forced fed by Alina.

Thanksgiving Day Update:

Pearl is doing 'Awesome' was the word the docs used last night. She is out of the oxygen tent and breathing on her own. We expect to take her home today! She made it!!! A real miracle. Thanks for the prayers. She was gone.

Bully had his second round of Chemo and he is doing better as well. His personality is back, rubbies, and a lot more talkative. But he is still be forced fed, but things are looking better for Bully as well. His white blood cells are up and things for both kitties have stabilized

Monday Update...Both Pearl and Bully are resting comfortably but improvement is very slow and we just have to take it one day at a time.

So we have a lot to be thankful for today. We dodged TWO bullets for the moment.

December 2nd update. Pearl is doing great! She is back to her normal self as of yesterday and her surviving was a true miracle. She still requires rest as an heart patient would. Otherwise, she is doing fine and hope to know more for the long term tomorrow when the vet checks her.

Bully is day to day but is showing signs of getting stronger and is eating a little bit on his own. Today is the day we get results back from the first 2 chemo treatments. If his blood count gets better they will do a third and more intense treatment. If not, then we will evaluate with the vet and decide what to do.we would NEVER allow him to suffer. But we would also NEVER just walk away without giving him a chance to fight. Pearl was dead. Her tiny heart stopped beating. They massaged her back and today she is a happy camper again. We would NEVER just walk away but we would never keep any of them for selfish reasons if we see them in distress.