Investigation or Cover up?? Take our Poll

Morning Folks!

As I explained my opinion onyesterday’s post, we are either witnessing
an investigation or a cover up. I
am not sure which one but since not a single word has been spoken, I have to
assume cover up but I am PRAYING that it is an investigation by the FBI. Short of that, imo, we are getting hosed and
lied to and bullshitted by this wall of silence. Maybe MOST domainers are okay with that….I AM NOT!

People are moving traffic away. People are moving domains away. People are just moving their business away. People are just moving on. If we don’t start to get ANSWERS pretty soon, I think boycott by domainers may be the only way to force their hand. It seems the ONLY leverage we may have as this goes on with NOBODY speaking. Other suggestions? I feel like the entire Industry is being held captive until we have some answers to all the questions that are out there.

We are on the eve of 2 WEEKS of this STONEWALL. When do we
get ANSWERS????? When does the bleeding stop? When do we here the TRUTH about
what is happened and how deep that TRUTH goes?? I can figure
out only 2 explanations. The first is involvement by the FBI. The second is they are more scared to go to prison then they are to lose their business. There is a cloud over the industry until we get some clear answers and I think that cloud will be something we deal with for a long time regardless of the outcome imo.

Rick Schwartz