No more Type in Domains?? Oh Really??? NONSENSE! Only Pigeons Believe!

Morning Folks!!

A couple weeks ago I wrote about domainers buying pigeon shit and of course all the pigeons are still coming to terms with it. I am so sick of folks saying there are no more type in domains. BS! There are. There will always be and until you figure out things, you won't find them, but others will.

Funny thing........
The DAY I was writing about the FACT that there are still type-in domains for registration fee and PIGEONS and the naysayers of course don't believe it........I registered those domains below. They started getting traffic immediately. One I registered LAST NIGHT already has traffic. This may not be the best example as it may be time sensitive, but right now..........Out of 16 domains I registered on April 29, 11 already are making $$$ and the others are just a bit premature. So for the know still know nothing! But go right ahead and make a fool of yourself. 255 visitors $12.55 earnings 132 visitors $11.80 earnings 165 and $14.95 76 and $1.17 70 and $2.08 244 and $12.55 17 and .48 1035 and $14.39 15 and $3.99 40 and $6.33 72 and 2.08 64 and .09 in first 36 hours
So the next time some MORON says there are no more type in domains, tell them the same thing I did in 1999. Tell them they are wrong, lazy, don't know what to look for and others will find them if you don't. Believe me, this is not too good a list. But it PROVES that there are still domains that can be hand registered and make $$$. But of course some MORON with a lot of pigeon shit will even challenge RESULTS! When that happens, I will just look at the post from the past 2 days and so will everyone else. That is my answer before you even ask. Don't argue against PROOF just to argue! Time to LEARN!

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

72 thoughts on “No more Type in Domains?? Oh Really??? NONSENSE! Only Pigeons Believe!

  1. Rick Schwartz

    These are the stats for the first 4 weeks. Visitors and earnings. Sunday’s seem to be big because all the Sunday talk shows are discussing the spill.
    These were there for the taking. Actually laying there for several days after the spill began. So once again, we all had an equal opportunity to get these. Kings or paupers or anyone in between and that is the thing that is the most important. The cost of admission is $8. Folks spend $20 a week, $100 a week on lottery tickets. Find out what makes a domain make $$$ and you can buy lottery tickets FREE forever. As many as you want. Or none at all. The key is to build a revenue engine. This list is not a good base of domains as they will evaporate in time. But on the other hand, make hay when the sunshines and use it to kickstart something more long term. Build the engine using domains as fuel don’t be stuck being a domainer. Be more than that. Be an engine builder.

  2. Steve

    Great post! I think a lot of it has to do with glass half full or empty attitudes. If you think you will fail, YOU WILL.
    I have noticed some nice indexing of domains with a hyphen (always taboo before) but I hand regged a few last night and they have decent search volume on the engines.
    we’ll see how they work out but as you mentioned time and time again the cost of entry is only about $9!! With the godaddy discount code I got one of them for $.99!! code = INDY2010
    Thanks again for providing all of the tips.

  3. claudine

    Hi Rick:
    Informative post.
    However, isn’t BP in your domain a blatant trademark infraction?

  4. Stefan

    Nice post Rick, can you show some ‘longer-term’ domains you hand registered recently?
    Best Regards.

  5. Bogdan

    Rick, please show one of the long-term type-in domains you handregged. Would appreciate a lot.
    Thank you.

  6. LS Morgan

    I wouldn’t want those names, even if they were cash flow positive.
    That’s one way to skin this cat that I’m not interested in partaking in.

  7. SDM

    You raise an excellent point. But your post also contains another truth. Decades ago, both type-in and search queries would have consisted of only one or two words: oil, oil spill,gulf spill, bp, bp spill, bp oil, etc. Search engines weren’t nearly as sophisticated in understanding the search query or filtering the results. Today, most people don’t type-in or search a single word when they want very specific information on a particular subject or theme. Of course, that also holds true for products and services UNLESS the single word domain name is widely recognized as the goto site for all things related to the search – no matter how specific. is a good example. is another. Branded category killers. Absent that, domain names consisting of three, four and even five keywords will deliver the most highly targeted traffic, and with that traffic comes a sales conversion rate that is second to none. Because, after all, the end goal is not shuffling traffic, it’s closing sales.

  8. Jigsaw

    Interestingly I just registered and
    Any interest from anybody in buying them?

  9. George

    @SDM – Interesting.. have you been finding that 4 or 5 word domains have been getting type-ins for you?

  10. SDM

    @George – They have. A five word domain name is one of my highest producers. But the real benefit of these longtail domain names is what they do for organic search. In addition to type-ins, they rank high in SERP. Often on the first page of results. With a minisite, I’ve been surprised at the consistently good placement. It’s based on [exact match] keywords. I’ve written about it at The examples shown are not my highest earners, but they should illustrate the point.

  11. Sarcle

    Lol. Reading your posts are like having a brain aneurysm.
    They both make you stupid. The upside. The aneurysm is at least fixable.
    Man, keep scaping the bottom of that Ascii barrel.
    Keep your eyes glued to the tele for the next disaster to hit humanity domainers! Good lesson.

  12. Altaf

    Thanks for sharing the info that encourages us.However,are not those domains for current topic or market? Is there no limit of words in a typein?What will be their future value in terms of selling or earnings (will it sustain)?

  13. Ben

    Nice regs, but they are time and circumstance sensitive. What happens to their value in terms of search or resale when the spill is contained. There are always current events to monopolize on, but we should be looking for long term success investments

  14. Martin

    Did you park these at Is that your own feed?
    The keywords on look really good–I imagine your click thru rate is good.

  15. Alan

    Just poor examples of anything. While the theory of still finding names with some type in traffic is true this post is kinda ridiculous and further proves why many people don’t take the domaining industry serious.
    Ben said”
    There are always current events to monopolize on, but we should be looking for long term success investments” …
    Exactly, any fool can register names that have to do with an environmental disaster the day after but there are no long term value to these and shows zero class in trying to capitalizing on such events.
    Claudine said”However, isn’t BP in your domain a blatant trademark infraction” …
    Yep, whether legally or not the intent was there to capitalize on the BP trademark and thats enough for outsiders to put another mark on thier belt how people in this industry prove time after time to ignore the very laws we preach about.
    In a world where many domain investors continue to complain about not fully reaching main street people still post using words like Morons, SHIT and personal attacks
    Gee – you wonder why …

  16. Jay

    I have been registering hand regs from 2002 until today. I have sold quite a few in the 1-10k range. Some of them barely cover their reg fees and others turn quite a bit of profit as some are parked and others I have moved into development so they have front page google listings as well. I may never have a huge sale as the guys that started a few years earlier but turning $7 into 1-10k and repeating the process still climbs the mountain just at a bit of a slower pace and if you reinvest those profits you can continually improve your inventory. I think you have a lot of good knowledge I just think this isn’t the best example of hand regs turning a profit as a lot of newbies read your blog and these domains are more time sensitive selections along with possible trademark infringement. 99% of my domains were hand registered and the other 1% picked up from aftermarkets fairly cheap and contain zero trademarks and I think showing those type of domains would be a better example as this list will have all the newbies registering bp, nike, microsoft or the next tragedy instead of focusing on product/service keyword .coms that have search volume which has financed my business model for the last 9 years.

  17. steve cheatham

    Yes Rick, the good names just keep on coming. The mine is a long way from being empty.
    It’s not original but I’ll just quote one of the best entrepreneurs I worked for”There is the quick and the dead.”
    I was a little slow picking up on exactly what he meant but it is one of my main sayings these days with the Internet.
    8 cents worth.
    Thanks Walt, for sharing that with me in 1982.

  18. steve cheatham

    BTW, good list of names. They are current events but they will earn money for years to come.

  19. Jason

    After the BP spill is all said and done, those domains will be an after thought. You must have picked good keywords and have a nice parking account.
    Also, you have a lot of experience with the business. You get free exposure with writing your blog. I wouldn’t mind the revenue. Your park accounts are nicer looking than Sedo and Go Daddy. I couldn’t even create a page like thr using Why Park.
    Good work with the revenue. I receive a 1000 unque visitor on a few domains and don’t make squat. I’m sensing you know how to choose
    the right keywords. I get clicks that vary between .05 to1.75. Most likely it’s the keywords.

  20. Logan Flatt

    Rick’s hand-regs here may be longer term than you might think given the amount of litigation that will be coming out of this environmental catastrophe. The lawsuits and settlements will go on for a DECADE at least and the MSM will report on them as the occur. Anyway, domain names might be obsolete by then – who knows?

  21. Jason

    People will never listen, well until it’s too late. Eventually people will learn from their mistakes. I hear many complain about not buying domains in the 90’s.
    Even if they had the opportunity, they probably would had purchased the wrong domains. I would enjoy making the amounts you specified on the list. It would make my domain venture more gratisfying.
    I own There will be a need for EPA grants to clean up the mess. The federal government funds the EPA with grants to help improve the environment.
    What parking account are you using. The templates look far better than GoDaddy, Sedo, and Why Patk. Maybe that is park of the reason you’re receiving traffic. It’s worth clicking on the page to find news.
    Anyhow, the revenue you made so far is worth the cost of registration. Good job!

  22. Jason

    Domain names will always be in demand. However, the more popular domains generate traffic. Many domainers ask a fortune for domains which have very little traffic, if not any at all.
    I suspect the oil domains are generating traffic because of the keywords and patk account. That same page under Sedo and Go Daddy won’t make a dime.
    Trust me because I have hundreds of domains parked in various locations. I make very little money from ad clicks. It’s definitely nothing to brag about.

  23. steve

    I said all this before.
    Domaining is a strange business. Very few people get it and nobody is teaching it so you are on your own.
    In this type of environment, you get the wild west where people just shoot each other and nobody goes anywhere.

  24. Stephen Douglas

    Am I wasting my time with trying to reel in your acerbic comments about domain investors who have”other options” besides trying to pick up”typein domains”?
    Really, bro? Are you setting yourself up like this?
    First, you list a PILE OF BAD DOMAINS:
    1) They’re based on disaster (bad press because you’re expoiting destruction)
    2) They’re time sensitive – a gamble
    3) They’re TM sensitive, you can’t brag about registering BP related domains. It’s problematic.
    The”Pigeons”, who you’ve never named, and their”pigeon shit”, which you’ve never announced, might be people with some other option to monetize their domains beyond what you’ve accomplished.
    You made your big bucks getting great PPC domains. You’ve sold some great domains. But no, there’s very few NATURALS left, unless you’re creeping into my territory.
    Anyway, please stop attacking people who weren’t”in the right place at the right time with the right goals” like you and I and 300 domainers were.
    You’re the only major domainer who still has a firecracker up you *ss about something regarding the”little people”, or the”Pigeons”, as you like to call them.
    Anyone today who bases all their income EXCLUSIVELY on a great PPC domain, is an idiot. PPC is only a small portion of options to monetize… you know this, but you’re not talking about that… because it’s easier to rag and brag…
    be nice. geez.

  25. UFO

    Stephen Douglas, try understanding the aims of the post… its about people who say there are no type in domains and Rick proving there are.
    It doesn’t matter whether they are time sensitive or not, its whether they pay their way as type in purchases should.
    Rick isn’t beating down on people, in fact he’s doing just the opposite, he’s calling a spade a spade. So, they stop wasting money.

  26. LS Morgan

    Actually, even though I’ve disagreed with Stephen Douglas in the past (and I generally like Rick and reading his blog), I think his post is spot on here.
    It’s almost as if Rick is completely oblivious to the fact that these are TM, tragedy domains.
    As life progresses, we’re regularly presented with opportunities to trade a little piece of our souls in exchange for some money. We get so caught up in the ends that we lose track of the underlying means.
    It might be the young lawyer right out of school who wanted to help people, but now, in his quest for money, starts chasing ambulances.
    It might be the corporate accountant who’s never stolen a dime in his life, but caves into the pressure to add ‘shareholder value’ and cooks the books.
    It might be the domainer who recognized the fantastic opportunities in domain names but, with blinders on and in a neverending pursuit for ‘traffic and clicks’, starts to dabble in tragedy domains, typos or trademarks.
    It’s easy to rationalize doing this stuff; after all… If you don’t do it, someone else certainly will! But it begs the question, do you really want to put yourself in league with such people?
    When it all comes to an end and the epilogue is written on our lives, we are remembered not for our good intentions, but by our actions; the things we did, the decisions we made. It doesn’t take much in the way of untoward, smarmy stuff to contaminate an otherwise upstanding life. Some domainers will be remembered as visionaries who had great individual success by virtue of their foresight. Others will be remembered as coffin-riding, intellectual property stealing pornographers.
    As much as I love money, integrity isn’t something I’m willing to trade to get it.
    This oil spill has the potential to be our Chernobyl. Bad, bad things are happening right now, as we speak. Personally speaking, making pocket change off the ‘traffic’ stemming from a tragedy like that is of no interest to me. To others? Perfectly acceptable.
    I’m good with where I’m at.

  27. UFO

    Oh, FFS we have the bleeding hearts domainers coming out today.
    Are you lot completely and utterly devoid of common sense? BP DOES NOT SELL OIL SPILLS. It is news reporting. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO WRITE ABOUT AND SEEK INFORMATION ON COMPANIES.
    I guess some of you think, “I need to buy some petrol today, I know, I’ll type in BPOILSPILL.COM as I haven’t bought that in a long time”.
    Rick could have TM issues if the only purpose was to sell adverts or make out he had a connection with BP. Some content would help his case on that score esp RSS feeds.
    Anyway, BP wouldn’t give a Monkeys about these sites; in fact they are probably bloody glad it’s not in the hands of the environmentalists.

  28. LS Morgan

    It has nothing to do with a bleeding heart. It has to do with being scummy, or not being scummy.
    As far as the whole TM issue, right. LOL. The day a domain- enriched solely with a for-profit parking page- is classified as a legitimate gesture of ‘free speech’ is the day we all ice skate in Hades.

  29. Dave Carpenter

    LS post your domains so we can make a judgement on your judgement. I doubt you are Snow White.

  30. Dave Carpenter

    Others will be remembered as coffin-riding, intellectual property stealing pornographers.
    And some won’t be remembered at all. Sounds more than just disagreeing with Rick. Sounds like you are not what you say you are and have a bone to pick with that.

  31. steve

    It is called brandables.
    Brandables is a tough game to play. If you study domain sales enough you will catch on to the brandables game. Big money in brandables but very tough.

  32. Alexander Teo

    There’ll always be type in domains you can register, because there’s always something happening. However, think and research further before you register … the same $8 can be used to register a profitable wonderful domain or a low grade domain.
    Going through stats from my domain portfolio, I know there’s a lot of type in visitors. Optimized properly, PPC domain parking can help visitors find what they want quicker and easier.
    Whether it’s parking, reselling, development, etc., we’re providing a service to people and businesses worldwide. Let’s support each other and build a stronger industry.
    Thank you and all the best.

  33. LS Morgan

    @ Dave Carpenter- I am 100% Snow White when it comes to tragedy domains, typos or unambiguous TM violations. One hundred percent.
    Anyway, I have no bone to pick with Rick Schwartz. We all go about this business in our own way. In this one particular way, however, I disagree strongly with the ethics of it all. Not a high horse, not a bleeding heart, just one persons opinion, freely stated in blog comments.
    Tomorrow, I may agree with everything Rick says. I like the blog, just disagree here.
    If you want to rise up as some sort of fawning, nut-riding blog sycophant, have at it.

  34. Bob

    As I see it, the problem corporate America has with domainers has less to do with trademarks and more to do with the perception that domainers are an impediment to the continued growth and development of the Internet as a vital digital marketplace for the sale and purchase of goods, services and information.
    Trademark enforcement is simply one of the few tools corporate America has at its disposal to change a situation it finds untenable.
    Within the domain industry, domain names are often referred to as the electronic equivalent of real estate – the inference being that holders of digital real estate, too, should enjoy all the rights, title and privileges of their real world, property-holding counterparts. When discussing these concepts, comparisons are often drawn between very popular domain names and prime real estate markets.
    A few rhetorical questions to help understand where the disconnect might begin:
    Is there a real world counterpart as to what form a parked page might take if it was located in the heart of a prime, commercial real estate market?
    What if this property was out of character with the properties that surrounded it?
    What if this property was viewed as substandard by the local community and tended to diminish the experience of visitors and tourists?
    What if this property offered questionable benefits to the community-at-large?
    What if the property owner was satisfied maintaining the status quo and had little or no interest in making changes?
    Bottom line:
    Genuine, content rich development changes everything!

  35. George

    First of all, to all the domainers who think they are helping society”find what they need on the net” I call bullshit. If you truly wanted people to find what they were looking for you would point your parked pages directly to the TM’d companies that manufacture or distribute the goods in your domain names. If your domains are information-related, you would point them to Wikipedia.
    Let’s not kid ourselves here. We are all in this to make money and operate as a business. Myself included.
    Would the net be better off without domainers? Probably. The domainers that let their domains sit on PPC pages without development anyway. After all, those same domains in the hands of those who truly care or have viable businesses tied to them, would greatly improve the average net user’s experience.
    Now, before people come at me with pick-axes… I too have parked PPC pages but I also have developed pages. There is no clear answer… but let’s all be honest here.

  36. steve

    Most of y ou people sound like that angry domainer guy that made that video, lol
    Don’t agree with Rick, that is fine. I found my own segment in domains and I make ok money.
    Brandables is my thing and always will be. I know a few secrets I discovered along the way that give me a huge edge. Lucky me.
    I even tried to help people and they just stole from me. So Rick is right about one thing, it is the attitude and how motivated you are.
    Look at the sedo weekly sales and study them

  37. Ze

    After reading this I registered:
    No the search isn’t high yet, but this mess will take a long time to clean and a lot of money will change hands with it. The ticket price IS high for end-users and I know most law firms”get it”. Already noticed some firms going into PPC campaigns for the subject and others that own related domains.
    Spending the holiday sending emails to law firms.
    Any buyer here interested so i can take a break..? My baby could use a bit of attention too….
    As to the domains on”Rick’s list” ,I like Can’t see any end-user value for the others. But it’s good to know that the king of domains also deals with penny domains… makes me feel more human..!
    Also registered last week: – which is already under development.
    My take on PPC profits these days for non-category killer domains: pigeon shit. Go big or go home.

  38. Altaf

    @Steve Enough we heard in favor & against Ricks doctrines. You sound very experienced and efficient in Domains.At least Rick is always giving tips what helped hundreds or even thousands how to deal with type ins or how to hand reg. some lemonade makings. We would apprecaite your tips too what basic methods do you apply in domaining. So let us not bicker, rather help one another learning and improving alls.Hope your valuable feeds will help even millions.Why to worry about to be transparent? Thanks & sincerely,

  39. Henry VIII

    Funny, because every time I think of”pigeon shit” as it relates to domaining, I think of”domainer bloggers”. The shear volume of meaningless drivel that you guys manage to pump out on a daily basis, is truly astonishing. Even the idiot”golden boy” domainer blogger claims to make more money with his neck deep in bullshit domainer blog, than his two heavily touted city GEO domains.
    Pigeon shit, yeah that hits the nail right on the head. Thank God I only spend about ten minutes a week reading through this shit.

  40. Altaf

    Dear Steve,
    “I know a few secrets I discovered along the way that give me a huge edge. Lucky me”
    We would appreciate if you please share some of the secrets (even not all that may detrement your income)with the folks here.Thanks.

  41. Bob

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again here. My observations are not based on any one individual because”business as usual” in the domainer world is wide spread and pervasive. Some parked pages are less offensive than others, but I have yet to see any parked pages that move the Internet forward in a way that is beneficial to the online community-at-large. We’ve had over a decade to grow the domain business into something more than a vast electronic parked page wasteland, but either through ignorance, intent, indifference, neglect, lack of vision, ability and/or all of the foregoing, that hasn’t happened.
    If I lived next door to a landlord of real property that managed a building like some domainers manage their electronic real estate, I would be screaming. Some of these landlords actually do quite well financially, but the results of their actions can tarnish the local housing community and diminish the land values around them. In the real world, nobody condones this kind of business practice, yet in the domain industry, similar behavior seems to be the defacto business standard.
    A few months ago, I had a major tooth ache late into the evening, and when it became intolerable, I jumped online to find information that would lead to pain relief. In the process of searching, I slogged through about half a dozen parked pages that added only insult to injury. No doubt, keyword savy domainers made some money off me as I became a less than willing participant in the domain monetizing game. Click after click got me no closer to the information I needed. Why? Because that’s how the PPC model goes. It’s all about the domainer and the advertiser. The site visitor has little more than a”click-on” role in this one act electronic play.
    Visitors coming to published pages should be the absolute top priority of the domain owner. Instead, the site visitor is only tolerated to the extent that he or she brings cash to the table – a necessary evil to getting paid. Well, I’m no mule, and it’s not my job to transport the clicks so that the owners of parked pages can get paid. Hey, if I find something that benefits me and I click, good for you. But don’t even for a second believe that parked pages represent anything more than carefully calculated window dressing designed to attract site visitors who believe they have found the information for which they have been searching.
    Finally, just because such actions are not illegal does not mean they should be encouraged or tolerated. That applies equally to both the landlord and the domainer.
    Do the heavy lifting to benefit the community and financial rewards are almost sure to follow.

  42. Rick Schwartz

    This entire event is going to become a huge cottage industry in and of itself. Folks can condemn, ignore, rant, go ahead. I am also going ahead and registering more and more of these domains. Now at 70 and growing. Start counting all the folks that will be profiting over this. The companies. The firms. You won’t be able to count them fast enough. Prestigious firms. Big companies. Hollywood. The stock market. Bet it goes up tomorrow?
    Does mesotheloma ring a bell?
    Does Google and Yahoo profit? CNN and FOX?

  43. Rick Schwartz

    I just looked up the stats since this post. Things are accelerating. The traffic is getting very interesting and so are the payouts.
    I am thinking of putting together a private newsletter for the constructive like minded folks interested in tracking these domains, numbers and developments as well as mining and drilling for domain names. How deep do you drill? When to start? When to stop?
    Just a thought.


    “These are the stats for the first 4 weeks. Visitors and earnings. Sunday’s seem to be big because all the Sunday talk shows are discussing the spill.
    These were there for the taking. Actually laying there for several days after the spill began. So once again, we all had an equal opportunity to get these. Kings or paupers or anyone in between and that is the thing that is the most important. The cost of admission is $8. Folks spend $20 a week, $100 a week on lottery tickets. Find out what makes a domain make $$$ and you can buy lottery tickets FREE forever. As many as you want. Or none at all. The key is to build a revenue engine. This list is not a good base of domains as they will evaporate in time. But on the other hand, make hay when the sunshines and use it to kickstart something more long term. Build the engine using domains as fuel don’t be stuck being a domainer. Be more than that. Be an engine builder.”
    I will remember what you said when i get”there,” Rick. Everyone has mentors and I consider you as one, if you don’t mind.
    Ok, let’s go drill! :)

  45. Stephen Douglas

    Just to set the record straight:
    I own”,”””,”” and the undisputed grandaddy of the domains that Rick does NOT own for this subject matter,”OFFSHOREOILRIG.COM”. No loss of soul buying and owning these domains years ago, and there are spikes in revenue for them now. I’m not”happy” to make a few hundred more dollars on these domains right now. I’d gladly give up that money (which I probably will if I find a non-profit oil cleanup org) to have that oil spill NEVER happen.
    However, the focus here is Rick’s failure to show us domains he bought that really aren’t”Pigeon shit”. Instead, what he produced in his article are domains that were bought mistakenly with”time sensitive” values, closely resembling TM’s, and licking the blood off the sidewalk after an accident like a desperate vampire.
    I’m amazed that Rick’s been clucking about”pigeon shit” domains for weeks, and then buys and displays them here apologetically for his”working example”, presenting EXACTLY what any good domainer would call”pigeon shit” domains…
    All to prove that”typein” domains are still out there (which they are, but not like these).

  46. Alan

    You might be mad :-) but anyone with an ounce of professionalism agrees with you here.
    Just ridiculous this whole post – like justifying if an ambulance chaser lawyer can make a buck then why cant a domainer.
    Sure – we have spent 10 years in this business to associate ourselves with the people we all despise in the real world.
    Remarkable it is.
    I have zero time for shit like this and anyones who thinks theres not a better way to make money with domains (even newbies) is just an idiot.

  47. John

    How about getting the tropical storm names or the hurricane names? The hurricane season just started.

  48. Charley

    >>>>> I am thinking of putting together a private newsletter for the constructive like minded folks interested in tracking these domains, numbers and developments as well as mining and drilling for domain names <<<<<<<< I am interested.

  49. Joe

    I am just stunned at the short-sightedness shown by so many respected posters.
    Rick, you showed there are still opportunities. Just because it is a disaster does not change the fact that there are great buys just waiting and you’re right – there will be many companies making huge amounts of money because of this disaster.

  50. Rick Schwartz

    With so many minding MY business, how the hell do they have time to run their own? Behind every finger pointer is a moron with less morals. Mostly jealous morons. Snooze you lose. Domainer’s that don’t know what constitutes an infringement but act as tho they do. Meanwhile BP buys up all the terms to stop the free flow of information. I can see why many are angry. They were proven wrong by a mile and missed out. Now what can they do but lash out? It is one thing to thoughtfully disagree it is another to act like some have. They are just clowns and they make fools of themselves all the time and on record.
    Meanwhile, I now have 100 related domains and not a single accuser asked me what my plans are. That is why they are where they are. Fuel for me. Guess mesothelioma was ok? Yahoo makes $ on BP, that is ok. Google makes money on it, that is ok. Go down the list. But morons can’s be fair that is what makes them morons! The agenda is me not the subject. Hypocrites. Many posting anonymously because they have no backbone and won’t even put their own name on their words.
    Sorry, allergic to bullshit and morons and that will never change. They take all their time and energy to post drivel about me. How flattering that some domainers are more consumed with my life than theirs. With my business not theirs. With my morals not theirs. And then folks want to know why I avoid morons?? I just want to know why folks still deal with morons??

  51. Big Jack

    Hi Rick,
    Good post – regardless of what the whining haters say.
    I just hand-regged 6 more domains today. Amazing that these names were available. All .COM’s – All having to do with Pills – All generic two word product names – All have big big traffic search numbers.
    Thanks for your insight. It’s not lost on some of us.

  52. LS Morgan

    Actually, no. In this case, I’m a finger pointer and I certainly do have better ethics than you.
    I’m not broke, I’m not unsuccessful. Quite the opposite.
    You really have nothing to be proud of here- your hysterical berating of anyone who disagrees with you really shows how fragile your ego and tells a lot more about you than I guess you understand.

  53. LS Morgan

    I think Elliot Silver summed it up best…
    “I also saw Rick’s post about the traffic/oil spill domain names, and although I won’t pass judgment on another person’s or company’s investment strategy, I will say that I don’t personally monetize tragedy-related domain names. It’s more of a personal thing for me, but it disappointing to see Rick publicly disclosing these investments. IMO, people look up to Rick for advice and knowledge and when people see the “Domain King” owns BP (trademark) names, others might follow suit thinking it’s okay, and some might be okay but others might be problematic. Of course names like these get some traffic and revenue, but in the whole scheme of things, is that $1k (maybe) in revenue worth it?”
    The whole argument about people criticizing”you” and not the”subject” is fallacious. The subject is buying and monetizing tragedy domains. A LOT of people think it’s scummy as hell. Go ahead and stick your fingers in your ears and whistle la-la-la and write them all off as idiots and fools and tell yourself that they’re all just jealous… You’re only saying those things for the benefit of your own ego.

  54. Dave Carpenter

    Ls Morgan you are an ass and imposter An anon trying to confuse people by adopting a name confusingly similar to someone that is actualy respected. Morgan Linton.
    Piece of shit loser is what you are. Rick should remove your posts.

  55. LS Morgan

    LOL. My name is – *drumroll* LS Morgan. I’m not an ‘anon’ nor am I imposting anyone. Your IQ would have to be about 30 to conclude that by posting”LS Morgan”, I’m somehow impersonating”Morgan Linton”.
    I think I’m older than he is, so if anyone is forced to change our name so as to not confuse poor Dave Carpenter, I would propose he would be the one, since I’ve been using mine longer.

  56. David

    I believe Rick started all this mainly to show typein names can still be successfully registered, and not necessarily trademark or disaster related.
    Contrary to what some domainers think there are lots of typein names available. They are mostly long-tails and multi-words with lower traffic but also more targeted with good PPC as a result of the multi-keywords.
    Rarely does a week go by where I don’t run into these names but can’t register them all or I would end-up with too many domains/sites to build, maintain and manage.

  57. Brent

    there will always be new domains and i agree type in traffic is here to stay just the volume is not as much as it use to be. and the interesting thing about you example is that none of these domain names are made up word they are generic search that someone would do in google

  58. Willox Perez

    I found myself going back in time and reading up on some of these blog posts by Rick. Looking back 7 years ago it is pretty remarkable how much money was being made from simple type in traffic. Of course now that is not the case but I can see when any event happened getting domains relating to the event was profitable. In a way it still works today in the form of hot trends.

    – Will


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