Good Decisions are Thought Out. Bad Ones are Rushed! What’s the Hurry?

Morning Folks!!

We all want to try and understand and sell to the end user.
There is a reason the end user is hard to make contact with. The reason I have
seen played out dozens of times. Instead of thoughtful deliberation, MOST
businesses will jump on the first idea. That is as far is it goes. I think that
becomes the base problem. So many just pick the first solution, not the best
solution. The first name, not the best name. Instead of thinking of 5 or 10
possibilities, then weeding out the weak ones and finally deciding on the best
one……this is NOT the road they use. I am amazed by this huge pitfall that so
many have and display. The name of your company may be the single most important
thing you do next to the model to make a profit.

Oh yeah, model to make a profit. That component is lacking
in oh so many projects. It is not that they could not build it to be
profitable, but since they are all in a rush, they just never do it. It’s like
the conversation to get and find traffic. Their answer is always…”No problem, we got that covered.” But as we all know, most don’t really have that covered
and they are stunned when they are hit in the face with the reality of things.

What’s the damn rush?? That’s all I really want to know.
When there is no need to be in a hurry to begin with. It’s not a bad thing to
find an answer that is not perfect.
It is a bad thing to stop before you find that perfect answer. It is bad
because it is lying there. The best answer is always just lying right next to
all the others. You just got to dig a little deeper. Look a little wider. Ask
some more pointed questions. Do the things that will give you the best and you
just may end up with the best. If not, you will still be in the competition by
accident. As others stumble with their decisions you just keep gaining on the
pack. The longer the race is, the wider your margin of victory. Last time I
looked, this is a marathon. The Internet and domain names will be here long after we are all
gone. Make the best decisions and the best things will unfold. As the 'Great Gratz' used to say......'Never rush when you are in a hurry'

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz