Rick reveals a Top Secret. Can a Commercial Increase the Value of a Domain Name?

Morning Folks!!

What is my direct relationship to Travelocity? Well
there was really none until recently and much more today. Travelocity is making
me bonus dollars and increasing the value of one of my domain in the process.

One of the very first domains I ever bought is still one of my
favorites. It is the type of domain that is pretty interesting because it is
universal. Some may call it a brandable, I just look at it as a promotional
domain name. So Travelocity starts running a new campaign showing they are
different than Priceline and Orbitz because they have “
Top Secret
”. They go on to repeat that phrase 3 times during the 30 second
spot. “Top Secret Hotels”, “Top Secret Hotels”., “Top Secret Hotels” to very
large audiences. No, I don’t own TopSecretHotels.com. BUT……I do own
TopSecret.com and the numbers are increasing. Traffic is up 5 fold and I can
only hope they keep running the commercial more frequently and for a long time.

Positioning yourself and positioning your portfolio for the future can
pay huge dividends in time. Long live the Gnome!

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz