Rick’s Definition of”Magic” and”Opportunity” and Absolute Proof Behind it

Morning Folks!!

Sometimes people make funof me when I talk about things like
“Window of opportunity” and “Magic”. Let’s face it, most folks don’t believe in
this. They are the masses. It is expected. I guess I never expected it out of
such a select group that has proven it can think out of the box.
But even domainers are divided in much
the same way. Only difference is the percentage among domainers is much, much,
much higher.

Many successful
domainers were successful before domains. They have done it before. They know
the path. They know the signs of success and also the warnings of failure and
how to either avoid or abandon or go all in and do it with eyes wide open and
deliberate. They know the difference between that and “Hope” without a plan or
a policy or even a direction.

When one dream comes true, you tend to pay more attention to
other dreams. When you have one success, the bi-product is the confidence you
get so you can create more successes.
The “Confidence” is the magic. You can’t see it. But does anyone reading
this doubt that happens knowing what you know now? That is the magic defined.
Here it is very visible to the naked eye. But there are other magic things that
happen that you can’t see, you can’t identify. But it is still there and
becomes part of you. That is what I am talking about for all these years but
never found the words to illustrate for all to see. At least the successful can
see and even the folks waiting for their first success can see the logic.

THAT is the thread that bonds like minded people together.
That is the essence and base of everything I do or think or say. Guess what? That alone pisses a lot of
folks off. How unfortunate.

When you make real decisions, tough decisions, good
decisions, you will anger some, disappoint some people and hurt some people. I
don’t like doing that. But I want to continue to challenge the status quo and
keep moving the ball forward for everyone including myself. If we fail to do that we would have done a great disservice
to everyone. You can’t take everyone’s advice or do what everyone wants. It is
a delicate balancing act and there will always be one party not as happy as
another and many times that frustration or anger or disappointment is taken out
on me. I can’t control that. What
I can do is articulate a thought and ask if you fit into that category to be
able to look at it thru my eyes. I
don’t like saying no to folks, but sometimes there is just no other choice.

So you can aim for mediocrity and definitely appeal to a
wider audience, but there is something special in bringing great minds and
hearts together in a calm atmosphere without the noise and weight of mediocrity
at every corner. My greatest sin would be to waste one minute of your time. If
you have been to a TRAFFIC and got nothing out of it then I apologize but am I
the only one responsible? Many others walk away with great things each and
every show. Like I have said since 2004, the only thing Howard and I can do is
create an atmosphere with certain
elements and chemistry to do great things. The history of domaining is intertwined with TRAFFIC on so
many levels over the years. Repeatedly I have said YOU are TRAFFIC. I still believe that
and maybe after all these years folks start to see the vivid difference in our
approach and why. It is never to exclude. But it is time for many to raise
their game (Me included) and reject mediocrity. It is not easy to fail in
domaining, but many do. Maybe even most nowadays. Does not have to be, but you
have chosen your path. If it is working, that is great and continued success.
If is isn’t, then turn frustration into action. I have always found it is just
as easy to follow and find success once you abandon failure. But you have to be strong enough to release failure so you can get your mind and arm around success.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz