TRAFFIC Announces First of Multiple Keynoters. Simon T. Bailey

Afternoon Folks!!

Are you a Domainer, a businessman, something more? Don’t sell yourself short. You are much
more than a domainer. At least you should be. Don’t box yourself in. You are a businessperson.
You are an investor. You are a speculator. You are a cutting edge, forward thinking, trailblazer.
You are in a sector that has treasure. But if there was a greater treasure,
then your “Vehicle' would likely change to whatever that might be that you
yourself deem worthy. So we are all much more than domainers.

Much of what I write about is not related to domains. It’s
about business, human nature, history, habits, shopping patterns, profiling consumers, shifts in
thinking, Predicting human nature before it happens.

No matter who we announce over the years as our speaker it
is met with a fair measure of skepticism to put it mildly. Even Steve Forbes! DUH! But each brought something that
enriched our lives. In 2008 TRAFFIC had the Orlando show inside Disney
World. Well the level of service
of that hotel and those Disney employees exceeded my expectaions by leaps and
bounds. We have kidded about the “Pixie Dust” that allowed them to be in such
sincerely good moods all the time. Willing and wanting to help all the time. A
level of service I have never seen before or after. How could a hotel geared
for kids be as good or better than a Ritz Carlton? How was this possible?

So I questioned this over and over for the 2 years that have
past. Then we met Simon. Simon is an alumni of Disney who after many years was
fired! Fired for thinking outside the box. Ooops. But that is just the
beginning of the story, not the end. Howard and I met and spent some time with

Simon Bailey last month. He enriched our lives with a few sentences. What is
that worth? The secrets locked inside this corporate legend are just that, secrets. Not often do you hear these stories nor the motivations behind them. How can you benefit your business with these secrets? Some so simple you might kick yourself.

Between us girls, having keynoters have never sold us any
extra tickets. It was just a way to have some credibility when we had none at
all. But it does add a dimension
and that is all part of what we do. I know you don’t know Simon and his name
means nothing to you. But that does not mean he can’t provide you with valuable
information and insight. He knows squat about domain names. But he understands
how to think bigger and expand your horizons and allow you to work more
effectively with a finer outlook. He’s just a cool guy worth meeting and
talking with. He will add dimension to your life whether it be in domains or anything you do from here on out. Folks think I use the word opportunity and priceless way too much. But that is our goal each and every time and we won't lower it now or ever. Lemonade stands or empires? Maybe it is time to think a little bigger?

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz